March 2, 2009

Mushrooms: way of the future for renewable power technology!

Check out these articles by CU Student Caleb Gruber on the biology of mushrooms and how they can break down oil and plastic as well as enhance biofuel production: 

“Imagine taking a walk through the forest. It’s a dimly lit, overcast day, and the ground is moist from days of raining. As you walk underneath the canopy, you spot something interesting on the ground. It’s not a plant, and it’s not an animal, but the brightly colored cap of a freshly sprouted mushroom. Most people’s first instinct would be, “better stay back, it could be toxic.” But if you happened to have a mycologist with you, you might realize that mushrooms like this are being explored on the cutting edge of bioremediation – being used to break down previously harmful materials like oil and plastic…”

For more, click here.

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