Storytime!…That Lucky Old Sun Got Nothin’ To Do But Roll Around Heaven All Day.

Via Joana Smith
on Mar 7, 2009
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Today was Saturday, so Abilene and I rolled around in our nest


looking at old things!


Opening them up, and peering way down deep inside!


I know a few old stories!


It’s important to make the really good old stories new as often as possible!

So today we this is what we made…


“All Aboard!”

The day is new. The sun is up,

Charlie starts to huff and puff.

Soon he takes off down the track,

The Smoke it billows out his stack.

I’m the Can-Do Choo Choo! Can-Do Choo Choo! Can-Do Choo Choo!


Up mountains high, down valleys low,

You hear the CHoo CHoo’s whistle blow.

Not rain nor snow nor dark of night,

Keeps Charlie from his destined site.

I’m the Can-Do Choo Choo! Can-do Choo Choo! Can-Do Choo Choo!


Filled with people on the go,

Charlie takes them to and fro.

Folks are glad this train to take,

Arrival times he always makes!

I’m the Can-Do CHoo CHoo! Can-Do CHoo CHoo! Can-Do CHoo CHoo!


Through the deserts dry or in the rain,

He proudly hauls the circus train.

Filled with tigers, bears, and clowns,

He brings excitement to our towns.

I’m the Can-Do CHoo CHoo! Can-Do CHoo CHoo! Can-Do CHoo CHoo!


Across a bridge, through tunnels dark,

Charlie keeps his little spark.

He carries trucks and other freight,

The Can-Do Choo CHoo pulls the weight.

I’m the Can-Do Choo CHoo! Can-Do CHoo CHoo! CAN-do CHOO CHOO!


Past fields of grain or by big towns,

This Choo CHoo is not slowing down.

He tows a boxcar filled with toys,

That brings fun to girls and boys.

I’m the Can-Do Choo CHOO! Can-do Choo CHoo! Can-do CHoo CHOO!


The caboose arrives, the trip is done.

The Can-Do Choo CHoo had such fun.

“Just wait till morning,” says our friend,

And I can do it all again!”

I’m the Can-Do Choo Choo!


Can-Do Choo CHoo!


Can-Do Choo CHOO!





*Board book “All Aboard! Charlie the Can-Do Choo Choo” by Smart Kids Publishing


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3 Responses to “Storytime!…That Lucky Old Sun Got Nothin’ To Do But Roll Around Heaven All Day.”

  1. Chuck says:

    Good Stuff and two sweet girls………..!

  2. Francois says:

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Josh says:

    interesting to say the least…keep it up!