Carraig Dulra – learn Organic Farming in Ireland.

Via Michael Levin
on May 15, 2009
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Carraig Dulra
Carraig Dulra

Carraig Dulra is an organic farm in Wicklow, just outside Dublin, Ireland. Mike and Suzie Cahn organize workshops, training and camping at this truly idyllic setting. We can all learn a lot about making a sustainable, organic low-profit enterprise work and about making a positive impact on our community by taking a look at their website,

Carraig Dulra

Mike and Suzie (and friends) make this enterprise work by offering a variety of activities to the public. The website itself is a wonderful means of disseminating information. You can browse blogs, read stories about events and subscribe to their newsletter. All this provides info about organic living that will help you live the healthy, responsible, enjoyable life you want.

Carraig Dulra

These days, flights to and from Ireland are more affordable than ever before—if you’ve ever thought about checking out Ireland, this is a great time. You can fly into Dublin, and take the train to Wicklow. The Carraig Dulra farm has activities for the whole family. You can bring the kids and camp out. Alternatively, you could stay in Dublin or Wicklow town and commute by bike, bus or train, or rent a car for daily activities.

Carraig Dulra

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Carraig Dulra teaches organic growing, gardening for bio-diversity, sustainable and traditional skills, permaculture, primitive living (or bush craft), nature courses for children and families, and creative healing workshops combining Art Therapy Techniques with Eco Psychology and Nature, as well as other gatherings and eco/hikers’ camping. They also run a bulk buying group to help reduce the cost of health food items.

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