Review: Jimmy Gleacher’s “Silly Little Rich Girls”.

Via Pam Uhlenkamp
on Jun 27, 2009
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Review via Pam Uhlenkamp, elephant’s designer (and designer of Jimmy Gleacher’s cover, above)

I love road trips.

This story is the ultimate cross country that treks from the deep south, to the northwest, to Boulder, CO, and finally New York City. All along wondering if the heroine will find her long lost sister….or if it’s just in her mind. I was frantically flipping pages to see what was real and what was imaginary…and left hanging most of the time. It was as if you could peer into the mind of a mentally disturbed person (ie. bi-polar) and what it might be like….having to take drugs to keep yourself on track, dealing with illusions, going into your obsessions….etc. So vivid are her mind’s creations that she makes a exact duplicate of herself to take along for the ride.

Entertaining and serious at the same time, funny with a dark side. I particularly liked the part in Boulder, Colorado because Jimmy captured the essence of Boulder’s own craziness in way that you’d probably understand with just one visit.

About the Author: Jimmy Gleacher is the author of It’s How You Play The Game and the screenwriter of He’s Such a Girl.

He lives in Boulder, CO and has an MFA from the Naropa Institute, where he was awarded the Jack Kerouac Scholarship for Fiction. For more, go to his web site.

Gleacher doesn’t get the attention he deserves. He’s a smart, funny writer with a fresh narrative voice. SILLY LITTLE RICH GIRL is a quirky, heartfelt story, an adventurous newfangled tour of America’s pop culture, micro celebrity and mental illness.  –James Frey, author of A Million Little Pieces

Gleacher leaves behind predictability and mundane activities and fixes his eye on modern life, with its modern complexities in this absorbing page turner…Gleacher offers more reading pleasures than most other authors. And this is a sassy story, yet so surprisingly poignant…SILLY LITTLE RICH GIRL offers an intimate glimpse into how we mourn the loss of a loved one and a private look at one person’s road to coping–The Daily Camera

Jimmy Gleacher doesn’t pull punches as Liza’s tale rips on American culture both high and low. SILLY LITTLE RICH GIRL is a fine novel that will entertain many a reader…Midwest Book Review.
This is a refreshing brisk family drama…SILLY LITTLE RICH GIRL is a philosophical intense yet often humorous character study…–Mainstream Fiction Blog

Where my first thought was that Gleacher lost focus on the plot, I now think he is brilliant. Few authors have ever been able to capture the erratic thinking of a bi-polar–

Has hints of Sylvia Plath or maybe even Zelda Fitzgerald. SILLY LITTLE RICH GIRL is much deeper than the title hints…
Jimmy Gleacher’s SILLY LITTLE RICH GIRL is a quirky little novel about obsession, psychosis, and sisterhood…an unusual (and enjoyable) adventure…with plenty of random characters and comical encounters along the way…an intriguing novel—with an interesting premise that will make you think and a whole bunch of peculiar characters and entertaining anecdotes that will keep you reading (and laughing). And it’s well worth a couple of hours of your time.

No one would’ve ever thought a cross-country search for a family member could be this interesting. But Gleacher’s SILLY LITTLE RICH GIRL proves it’s possible in many, many ways…It’s interesting, enthralling, frightening, moving, hilarious, disturbing, cringe-worthy, and so many other things. Gleacher flawlessly combines these elements into a very simply-plotted story that evolves into an out-of-this-world adventure.–
SILLY LITTLE RICH GIRL is a short, short novel that packs a lot of story. Taut writing and interesting characters take readers for a walk on the wild side… An ironic look at American culture and obsessions and a fascinating peek into mental illness, SILLY LITTLE RICH GIRL is satisfying on several levels…for those of you who find character studies and mental illness fascinating, SILLY LITTLE RICH GIRL could be just the summer read you’re looking for.–Novel Reviews Blog

jimmy gleacher boulder writing author silly little rich girl


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