Book review: No Self No Problem (Anam Thubten)

Via Todd Mayville
on Jul 9, 2009
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Simply written but not simplistic, No Self No Problem tackles one of the greatest challenges of being a Buddhist: eliminating the sense of the separate self (the ego) as a means to accomplish enlightenment. Thubten’s writing is straightforward and easily read, encouraging the reader towards the understanding that anyone and everyone can lose their attachment to ego, but he never comes across as patronizing: “It’s easy… I did it and you can do it, too!”

At the same time, Thubten points out that the way to enlightenment is far easier than we think it is: it simply comes down to losing attachments. Thubten acknowledges that failure can, does, and will happen along the way; accepting that truth will make things easier, although failure does not give excuse for not trying. His style is warm and inviting, and he sprinkles a good bit of humor throughout, keeping the text from becoming overly dry and boring. No Self No Problem should sit on the bookshelf of everyone interested letting go of their ego. From Snow Lion Publications and available at your local, independent bookstore.  (Shop local, shop independent, and tell ’em you saw it on Elephant Journal!)


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