November 13, 2009

ElEvision : Waylon Lewis and evol. burritos

Wow, here i am at 11:44, in Boulder, Colorado, USA. After a month in Turkey,  ready for México, after some cool sunny snow. Living life at the pace of timing in watches and universal time zones ~ the sun and the moon can be found always in the sky. Tonite I laughed and laughed while getting inspired by seeing how much good energy people put in what they love to do. evol. burritos ~ great food and amazing energie , love energy, behind it.  Elephant, live.

It reminded me of how much I enjoy being serene. Waylon Lewis reminds me of the fact that nothing is really serious in life. Which in good timing applies to everything that is happening in life, every day. 🙂 Don’t you think?

I just read The Writing on the Water, great book with chronicles of a seeker on the islamic sufi path and dervishes and Shaiks ~ and great advice for the soul and the mind. And as I read The Dhammapada, i feel so thank full for Elephant.

Waylon Lewis I am Elephant ~ Elevision at Naropa Performing Arts in Naropa, Boulder, CO.

An amazing band played music, and they are playing this saturday somewhere really kool, great piece with stand up piano, acordión, drums, guitar, mandolin and all singers ~ it was such and enjoyable music to hear.  Wished I had danced…a bailar chico!

A beautiful reminder about The Good News and the topics we all enjoy talking about.

Thank you for making me smile*


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Read 16 comments and reply

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