November 25, 2009

Yoga Ladies’ Viral Video Spoof of Andy Samberg’s “Jizz in my Pants.”

Warning! If you’re offended by all this, all apologies: please forgive us for we know not what we blog, go back to your Himalayan mountaintop and leave your sense of maudlin humor down here with us lowly masses.

Ohhhhh yes, there’s more lyrics where…

“I’m 15 late for my Yoga class…Drink Kombucha, Puked in My Mouth! …Bearded men shouldn’t wear capris”

…came from…in this super huge youtube ladies’ spoof of Andy Samberg’s uber-super huge spoof Jizz in my Pants.

Excerpt of lyrics, the part about yoga class:

I’m 15 late for my Yoga class / Kick through the door, now I’m up in that ass
Find a spot, last in the room / Focus, breathe, now its time to ohhhhmmmm
Thats when I noticed this guy behind me / Quite a big smell from a guy so tiny
Pit-stained T-shirt drenched in sweat / O-face grin, bad as it gets
He made a grunt, then his body turned / Saw up his shorts to his inner-thigh perm
Upside-down, so it’s even worse / Son of shiva, what a curly curse
Help me please, I could use a towel cause I
Why are there dudes up in Yoga class? / Nonchalant, looking at my chest
Please stop staring when Im on my knees / Plus bearded men shouldn’t wear capris

The ladies’ spoof:

The boy’s original spoof that’s getting spoofed:

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Read 9 comments and reply

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