November 20, 2009

Let me tell you about my boat…

In our house we use cloth diapers for our babies.

But lately, as I’ve tried explaining to other people why we do it

I’m beginning to realize…

that in today’s world “ease” has become almost like a virtue.

and the choice to work harder than we have to

makes us seem…well,

a little strange.

What am I to do about these people?

I asked Nathan if “easy” could be a virtue.

He said “no,”

That “easy” was actually the opposite of a virtue,

and by definition,

virtue is difficult to achieve, that’s why it’s praiseworthy.

It requires skill and practice.

But if you think about why we “work” and what we consider “work,”

we mean, “make money.”

And we make money, in order to make life easy…

So it’s not hard to see how we might lose touch with the true meaning of virtue.

Everyday, I ask myself, “What am I to do for these people?”

I can make them cuffs

but they have to accept them.

and really, we are a little strange…

but worth knowing.

I fought in a war” by Belle and Sebastian

lveo. peace~ the travelingneighborhood

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Read 10 comments and reply

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