The Perfect Pair. [Incredible OG Socks.]

Via Saraswati J.
on Dec 5, 2009
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by Sarah Miller
Picture 5A day likened to hell*….

You wake up early to another cold winter day, where the teens and blistering wind stress the importance of multiple layers. The tea kettle whistles as you check your email. Great! Three overdraft notices, an exorbitant random charge from your insurance company, and no pay check in sight.

You decide to make a cup o’ strong Assam tea to beat this day at its own, but you take yours with milk and unfortunately it is entirely sour. [sigh.] Atleast you can look forward to another school day, where eleven snotty nosed three year-olds will be throwing their usual temper tantrums and fighting nap time.

Is this your life?

Perhaps, but there’s always a blessing, a silver lining, a special something to remind you of your eternal gratitude. Good things come in small packages….

The day eased into comfort with the donning of your Maggie’s OG wool socks. Plush, warm and naturally wicking. Hiker friendly for long winter wonderland expeditions or treks to work in the subzero’s. Feet stay dry, warm and maintain a consistent inner temperature- even if you don’t. The world stays happy because they’re organic, fair trade and conscious.

Ahhh the day just got better….

*Events may be dramatized in order to give effect.


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3 Responses to “The Perfect Pair. [Incredible OG Socks.]”

  1. Katja says:

    Hey, at least spending the day with 11 snotty nosed 3 year olds makes you appreciate how WONDERFUL your three not-snotty nephies are. =)
    This post reminded me of Elaine's Himalayan Walking Boots on Seinfeld. TOO funny!

  2. You cannot construct a building beginning by the roof, the same happens with running socks