December 16, 2009

Climate Change: a Greater Hoax than the Female Orgasm.

Jon Stewart on the Copenhagen Climate Change talks:

“They’ve only got 14 Days to Save the Earth…and visit Legoland.”

“Well, our ability to live…on land.”

“That’s not a boycott, that’s lunch.”

“The one guy who mentions sugared gum…”

Jon Stewart tears apart the global warming hoax, which is only backed by 90 – 95% of the scientific community. And, Hell Freezes Over, in Houston, where it both snows in winter and Texans elect the first openly GLBTQ mayor in a major US city.

One note: on the limo bit, this may be the first time Jon Stewart quotes Fox without making fun of them…ever. 1,200 limos for 50,000 visitors to Copenhagen? Well, not that bad…not that great, either. There are many buses, bikes, not mentioned here fyi. And remember, many of the delegates are not “the most committed environmentalists in the world”…they’re politicians.

Two note: on Sarah Palin’s criticism: all sales from Inconvenient Truth have been donated to fight climate change, Al Gore’s not keeping the dough. That’s pretty generous.

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