December 28, 2009

Me wanty.

Eco Vintage Re-used iPhone Dock Magnavox.

I rarely buy anything that I don’t eat or drink. So it’s rare for me, these days, to get that Clueless shopping frenzy feeling. I got it about this one. Good thing I’m temporarily broke (drug habit), or I’d have put in an order already.

Via Dwell: “…makes a simple sound channel to clearly amplify your iPhone’s tiny, tinny speaker loud and clear across the room. Contact Matt for details at info [at] made-craft [dot] com.”



Info via DWR, which is selling limited run:


Designer Matt Richmond’s iVictrola merges turn-of-the-century technology with new-millennium gadgetry. The steampunk aesthetic of this new fangled contraption belies the simplicity of the design – place your iPhone in the indented “dock” in the walnut base and turn on some tunes. The sound is carried from a hole in the base, amplified by the metal Magnavox horn to fill the room.

  • Solid walnut base is hand-carved from high-end furniture production remnants.
  • Vintage Magnavox horn is made from metal, which maximizes amplification.
  • Amplification is entirely acoustic – no electricity or batteries required.
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Read 2 comments and reply

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