December 5, 2009

John McEnroe’s tantrums were legend. Serena Williams’ single outburst is…a disgrace.

What’s the difference, pray tell? Why is it cool and funny and even admirable—god, he wants it, what a competitor!—when John swears and cusses out a ref, but it’s a record fine with Serena loses her shizzle?

Does this have something to do with Serena being a woman, and/or being black?

Via Feministing:

Serena Williams is being fined $82,000 for her outburst at the US Open in September.

During the U.S. Open, Williams was called for a foot fault and then cursed out the line judge, which ultimately caused Williams to lose the semi-final match to Kim Clijsters. Well, Grand Slam administrator Bill Babcock won’t forget and gave his judgment on Serena’s punishment on Monday.Babcock announced that Williams will be fined $82,000 for her tirade and put on a two-year probationary period. If Serena has another outburst or major offense at any Grand Slam Tournament, she will be barred from the next U.S. Open and fined $175,000.

Babcock told the Associated Press in a telephone interview from London, “…if she does not have another offense in the next two years, the suspension [will be] lifted.”

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