Patrick Stewart on his experience of Domestic Violence.

Via elephant journal
on Dec 5, 2009
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Let us all strike a Match.

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Via Feministing:

Warning: you may cry, even if you’re not someone prone to crying while watching videos on the internet. If you can see the pain and difficulty he has on describing his childhood and not be moved, then I’m not sure what to say…”

A bravely-told personal story via the world’s most beautiful voice.

“Well, Mrs. Stewart, it takes two to provoke an argument…”

“No…she had not. Even if she had, violence is a choice. We can choose to stop it.”

Some choice facts from Stewart’s story:

Domestic Violence causes 26 Billion dollars in annual damages in Great Britain alone.

10 women experiencing domestic violence commit suicide each week in the UK alone (you know how much bigger the US is, or China, or India).

One in four women will experience violence in a partner. That means if half of the readers of this blog are women, 25% of those will experience said violence.

The witnessing of domestic violence teaches children how to deal with anger in a way that must be, and is not always, overcome. Many of us have gone through this same thing. Here’s some domestic violence video resources.

The actor talks about his personal experience of domestic violence at the launch of ‘Created Equal’, a new book on women’s rights.


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5 Responses to “Patrick Stewart on his experience of Domestic Violence.”

  1. Emma says:

    extremely powerful talk. very emotional, and impressive that Stewart retains the compassion of a little boy's understanding of a very unhappy situation that has worldwide resonance

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  3. Sabine Satie says:

    mmhh, if you want real data to be considered it would be good to listen to Stewart's words again. He says clearly that 25 % of women will experience domestic violence. Which make it 25% of men to resort to violence and abuse women- not all men, by no means.

  4. […] of us went through domestic violence, to some degree. Most of us use that sadness and struggle to become […]

  5. elephantjournal says:

    From Cassandra (sorry there was a glitch in comments)

    You might want to listen to the whole speech, as he mentions that although it is rare, men are sometimes the victims as well. How do you speak out against violence against women, without it sounding as if men are violent? He never said all men. He did however, say that men have a choice to stop the violence and in the context of the speech, he is referring to men who have tendencies towards violence. I myself had an abusive father but have a wonderful husband and brothers. If recalling my childhood, one might think I believe all men are violent, but that is not the case. In the course of a speech, with a specific purpose, does he really have to mention every other word that not all men are abusive?