December 8, 2009

“Please: Help the World.” The moving, magical video opening to #COP15.

The Call of the next Generation: “Please: Help the World.” #COP15.

The Copenhagen Opening Ceremony Video.

For that’s what this is all about…not us. We can joke about how darned cold this winter is. But the fact is, and it’s one no one can dispute, is that we (cars, buildings, factories, domesticated animals) are generating great amounts of pollution, which gets trapped in our atmosphere…and that even small temperature changes over time will radically alter our weather systems, the patterns of our swirling oceans…and many of the changes are already occurring, as evidenced by the deadly spread of the no longer frozen-and-killed pine-tree-eating beetle right here in my backyard, the Rocky Mountains.

It’s COP15. The last first great chance for the world community to gather and move beyond politics as usual, and do something truly great—for the next seven generations.

“Please Help the World”, film from the opening ceremony of the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009 (COP15) in Copenhagen from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. Shown on December 7, 2009 at COP15.

Director: Mikkel Blaabjerg Poulsen, producers: Stefan Fjeldmark and Marie Peuliche, cinematographer: Dan Laustsen, production designer: Peter de Neergaard, editor: Morten Giese, composer: Davide Rossi, sound design: Carl Plesner, production company: Zentropa RamBuk, advisory consultants: Mogens Holbøll, Bysted A/S and Christian Søndergaard, Attention Film ApS.

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