December 1, 2009

The Great Buddhist Blog Swap. ~ via J.A. Pappas

Today, the below blows will feature a new writer from a different Buddhist (or yoga) blogger.  Our hope is to exhange ideas and to see the Dharma through someone else’s eyes. Since we usually post from our own sphere of comfort and tend to get complacent, letting someone else run the show for a while puts the ego into the backseat where it belongs.

Feel free to peruse the mindfulness with the links below.

Here are the participants:

Nate at Precious Metal writing for Justin at American Buddhist

Adam at Dharma Brewing writing for Marnie at Enlightenment Ward on Spiritual Tourism and Commercialism

Jon at Be Compassion writing for at C4Chaos

Danny at Rev. Danny Fisher writing for Richard at My Buddha Is Pink

Justin at American Buddhist writing for Danny at Rev. Danny Fisher

Marcus at Marcus Journal writing for John at Zen Dirt Zen Dust on Buddhist Self-help.

Dwan at Budding Buddhist writing for Genju at 108 Zen Books

Genju at 108 Zen Books writing for Nate at Precious Metal on Sustaining Practice

Marnie at Enlightenment Ward writing for Dwan at Budding Buddhist

Jonh at Zen Dirt Zen Dust writing for Rohan at 21 Awake on the surprising results of Zen practice

Rohan at 21 Awake writing for Adam at Dharma Brewing

Shane at Zenfant writing for Marcus at Marcus Journal

Richard at My Buddha Is Pink writing for Shane at Zenfant

Jaye at DigitalZENDO writing for Marguerite at Mind Deep

Marguerite at Mind Deep writing for Jaye at DigitalZENDO

Also keep a look-out for Kyle at The Reformed Buddhist, since I believe there may be a post waiting there in all of its profane glory. Also, check in with Nate over at Precious Metal Blog since this was his glorious idea and you should let him know how awesome it is.

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Read 17 comments and reply

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