elephant journal Readers name “108 Zen Books” Best Female Buddhist Blog of 2009.

Via John Pappas
on Jan 4, 2010
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Update: 108 Zen Books sweeps it, declared readers’ favorite Female Buddhist Blog 2009. See screen capture at bottom. Poll will remain open for late comers who’d like to vote.

Update: Voting ends Thursday at noon MST! Winner of Best Female Buddhist Blogger 2009 will be announced here.

A list of some of my favorite female Buddhist bloggers out there.  They come from diverse backgrounds and represent a wide practice.  List your favorites in the comments!  Even include some of them there yoga bloggers!

dalai_grandmaThe Dalai Grandma ~ “Why “Dalai Grandma” when my basic practice is Zen? It’s my daughter’s nickname for me. Anyway, I am not so sectarian. I like the story that appeared in the Reader’s Digest years ago: At an interfaith conference in Hawaii, a Japanese delegate approached a an American Baptist minister and said, “My humble superstition is Buddhism. What is yours?” This blog emphasizes daily life and practice from the perspective of a feminist Buddhist dealing with sickness and aging, and waiting for my turn to come up on the kidney transplant list.”

buddingbBudding Buddhist ~ “…this blog journals my thoughts, ideas, discoveries and more concerning Buddhism. One of these days I’d like to move closer to a place to Practice.  I’d like to follow in my Aunt and late Uncle’s footsteps and become involved in hospice care, and possibly counseling.  I’d also like to go back to school and get a masters in Buddhist Studies, at the very least.  (I have a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology.)”

MultipleHeartsBuddhist at Heart ~ “Devoted New Kadampa (NKT) practitioner who has searched everywhere for truth and always returns to Dharma.”

maiaphoto_jpg-sizedThe Jizo Chronicles – Maia Duerr ~ “I’ve been practicing and studying the Buddha way since 1993, and exploring the question “What is engaged Buddhism?” since the late 90s. As former executive director of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship and editor of its journal, Turning Wheel, I was lucky enough to meet many practitioners of engaged dharma. Now I direct the Upaya Buddhist Chaplaincy Program along with Roshi Joan Halifax, where we forge new pathways of everyday engagement and servant leadership.”

thumbnailEnlightenment Ward – “My name is Marnie Louise Froberg sometimes known as NellaLou. I am a Canadian writer and live mostly in northern India. I have been a Buddhist practitioner for nearly 30 years (the Soto Zen type of meditation principally but sometimes some other types) and just wanted to share a perspective on this practice and related matters with others who may have interest in such things. I am not a Dharma teacher nor would I like to pretend to be one, so please use common sense with what you read here-and hopefully at all other times as well.”

n602576014_1030031_17694Wandering Dhamma – Brooke Schedneck ~ “I am currently a Ph.D. candidate at Arizona State University under the supervision of Juliane Schober. I’ve started this blog because I wanted a forum for my thoughts about Buddhist practice and my research within the field of Buddhist studies. Recently I was awarded a Fulbright research grant to start fieldwork in Thailand for my Ph.D. dissertation. My research will focus on the relationship between Thai Buddhists and Euro-Americans interested in Buddhism and both groups’ interpretations of Buddhism.”

tanya-300x224Full Contact Enlightenment – “Full Contact Enlightenment is all about living and dying with every ounce of being. It’s about not shying away from experience. Emerging from the cocoon. Breaking from the hindrances. Shaking up the foundations and chipping away at the concepts that I’ve held as a Gen X-er raised on punk rock, comic books, horror movies and skateboarding. Not your typical Buddhist? Why be typical? And what is typical anyways??”

108zenbooks108 Zen Books ~ “Anything I write about myself seems unimportant in the context of a boundless reality – not to mention that any story about my Self would be quite tainted with my inexhaustible and untransformed delusions.  I love to write but I don’t take the time.  I love to take photographs but I don’t do much with them.  I love to practice but I tend to drift into intellectual backwaters and whirlpools of thought.  There are no transmissions I can claim nor great realizations. i’m just a practitioner who struggles with all the same things every human does.  And this blog is just another way to practice.”

Marguerite_Manteau-RaoMind Deep – Marguerite Manteau-Rao ~ “Feminine voice. Student of Vipassana meditation, at IMC (Insight Meditation Center). Happy beneficiary of beginner’s mind . . .”

bodhisattva-clevelandBarbara’s Buddhism Blog – Barbara O’Brien ~ “Barbara began formal study of Buddhism in 1988, when she was accepted as a lay student of Zen Mountain Monastery in Mount Tremper, NY. In the years since she has since been actively engaged in meeting Buddhists from other traditions and learning about the many forms of Buddhism. Although most of her work as a writer focuses on American politics, she has written extensively about religion in America and how it impacts politics and culture on her personal blog, The Mahablog.”

ZM6CAE9EXLMCAO3OHOVCAACEI8RCAOPN828CAV18ZFJCAFBXRILCALRVCNVCAN85DDWCAOUYEOOCAS0MFOLCAZ74W1JCAVHZX89CA3VKQEICAUX7KRNCARTSUHTCAYNMW0TCA3BB9UKCAX4VVY3CA2N28CABuddhism Examiner Emily Breder ~ “Emily is a non-sectarian Buddhist with more than 15 years experience writing. She has studied the traditional Buddhist teachings for more than ten years and meditates twice daily. In the course of writing for Examiner.com, she has been published by the Buddhist Channel website, and Healing Thresholds for her article on meditation for kids with Asperger’s Syndrome. For Examiner.com, she writes about national and global news from a Buddhist perspective, as well as explaining in layman’s terms basic points on the Buddha-Dharma.”

There are plenty more great female Buddhist Bloggers out there.  Be sure to check out lists at both MindDeep and 108 Zen Books as well as NellaLou’s Blog roll!




Final Poll:

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John Pappas is a struggling Zen practitioner with a slight Vajrayana palate (but he won’t admit it) stumbling between the relative and absolute through the Buddhist Purgatory otherwise known as the Great Plains of South Dakota. Emerging writer, librarian and aspiring hungry ghost, John spews his skewed perception of the dharma all over his personal blog, Subtle Dharma Mouth Punch as well as on the ephemeral Elephant Journal and occasionally (while having no artistic ability to speak of) on Dharma/Arte. John also loves tacos, homebrew, yoginis and obscure Cthulhu references. You can follow him on twitter under the handle @zendustzendirt


24 Responses to “elephant journal Readers name “108 Zen Books” Best Female Buddhist Blog of 2009.”

  1. NellaLou says:

    Thanks for the mention John. Nice photo you gave me too! Spot on!

    Another I'd mention is Phalanyani's blog silly nun about her experience at becoming a Theravada nun at http://mitrasunya.blogspot.com/

  2. Wow! John, thank you for bringing all of us together. I so treasure what you contribute (though I don't always agree 😉 ). Your practice is crucial to many people and I know would be inspiring for those who need that support in their householder practice. In fact, you have much in common with women practitioners of history who have had to find a way to meet family and work obligations yet follow their strong heart into the Dharma.

    I officially declare you an honorary Zen Woman, Dear Heart! Feel free to make a T-shirt of it and put in on your mantle!

    Much love,
    Lynette Genju Monteiro

    • john says:

      I'm in the club!

      Its funny that the twitter account I run for work had a local Ladies Group ask me to be a member of "Sista's Sushi Night"! I had to decline and admit my gender…oh well.



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  4. bitterroot says:

    I just discovered The Dalai Grandma, and aside from the fabulous name, I truly love her writing: gentle, incisive, wise. But I read almost all of these, and I'm the richer for it. Thank you, sisters.

  5. Oh! thank you so much John. I am honored to be in such mindful company 🙂

    With metta,


  6. maia duerr says:

    Wow, I just found myself here. And then I lost myself. Thanks for the mention, John! And kind regards to all my sister bloggers…


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  8. (sigh) could we at least be referred to in equity. 😉

    brainy buddhist blogger babes? that should cover it all, ya think?

    and if you put up new pictures, can I be Mr. Spock? Or one of the chicks from Criminal Minds?

    (sweet, heart-melting smile)

  9. (snicker) yeah, he was way better than Rossi. The eyes go to Hotch, brains to Reid, and heart to Garcia. 🙂

    this is great fun, Joh. Can't wait to see what your evil mind comes up with for Easter!

  10. ugh… poorly worded to sound like I have a preference – apologies for the keyboard in mouth, Emily! 🙂

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