eHarmony forced to admit gay people exist

Via John Pappas
on Jan 28, 2010
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Oh eHarmony, there was always something about you that I didn’t like.  I wasn’t sure if it was the annoying commercials, the latent Christian Right agenda or that annoying old guy who seems to be in desperate needs of getting laid.  Then it dawned on me.  It was the rampant homophobia…

It seems that the dating site eHarmony has just now settled a lawsuit in California by agreeing to end the segregation of its two sites (one for the straights and the other for the gays).  Because you do know that it is just uncomfortable to be on  same website  as someone who digs the same sex.

The “gay” version of eHarmony was pretty much a farce anyway and only opened to gay and lesbian loveseekers after a lawsuit in 2008.  The eHarmony did nothing to promote or advertise this option and was even given the delightful name of  Compatible Partners (and BLAH! Marketing FAIL).

Extra special shout out to NJ since it was gay man from the Garden State named Eric McKinley that filed suit against eHarmony in 2008 for not offering services to gays and lesbians. Furthermore, Compatible Partners had a completely different subscription system so Bisexuals had to pay two subscription fees to have access to both sexes.  To be completely honest, I never thought it was fair that bisexuals were able to find both sexes attractive.  If it is twice the play then it should be twice the pay.

The newer lawsuit was settled in California yesterday. eHarmony will add its name to Compatible Partners, link it from the main eHarmony website alongside its Jewish, black, Christian and senior portals, and unify subscriptions. The company will also pay out $500,000 to around 150 Californians to settle. That’s in addition to the $1.5 million it has spent defending itself in court.

Sweet!  I tried to do a eHarmony account before only to notice that I came back as “unmatchable” or some such nonsense.  When I heard the same thing from other friends we tried to determine why.  As it turned out, none of us were Christian. 

hmmmmm….maybe the pagans have a suitable lawsuit as well?




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One Response to “eHarmony forced to admit gay people exist”

  1. This is an interesting turn of events… I don't know why gay people weren't accepted in the first place. I mean they are business just like straight couples, aren't they? Anyway, I'm glad gay couples are now accepted, I've been using eHarmony for a while and I think it's pretty great!