Falkland and S Georgia Island Wildlife

Via Michael Levin
on Jan 12, 2010
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You probably saw Sandra Critelli’s viral Stingray photos (more accurately known as Cownose Rays or Golden Rays Rhinoptera Bonasus) as they circumnavigated the web. If you missed them, click here. Sandra just took a new set of photos from the Falkland and S Georgia Islands…

Falkland Wildlife
Falkland Wildlife

You may be wondering where exactly the Falkland and S Georgia Islands are. Here’s a link (using Google maps) to the Falkland Islands. Here’s a link to S Georgia Island. Whoa! That should give you some perspective.

That photo you see above is one from Sandra Critelli’s Falkland Island work.

We city dwellers forget how beautiful and fragile the wild can be. Looking at these photos, one steps away from the norm and into a world of pure, frigid abundance. There are birds, penguins, sprays of foamy surf, seagulls and so many citizens your head will spin. This ecosystem is good to keep in mind as we spread out from the city. Good to remember as our population grows. It’s also just plain interesting to see all the wildlife from Sandra Critelli’s creative camera lens.

Click here to see her Falkland and here for S Georgia Island photos.


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