January 28, 2010

Jeffrey Smith Tells It Like It Is: Say No to GMO’s.

My dear friend, Jeffrey Smith, is on a roll. Well, actually, he has been for years…

by Sarah Miller

With his new Huffpost blog, I hope people will start to take  more notice. Not just of Jeffrey’s tireless effort to make consumers aware of the hazards of GMO’s, but also the lurking dangers and misrepresentations so abundant in the media and elsewhere.

It’s still amazing to me that people don’t know about GMO’s, let alone the dangers of ingesting them. Why just the other day, here in Boulder, I had a conversation with someone who didn’t have a clue what I was talking about!

This is truly one of the most treacherous issues of our times. Food is our ability to think clearly and rationally, to enjoy a healthy, joyous life and to maintain balance in mind and body.

Food is life!

“Thank you for your contact. We are not aware of any GMO free corn in the U.S. We feel it is a ridiculous concern based on very poor science.”

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Read 2 comments and reply

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