Obama wants me to buy a new (Energy Star) fridge—+ will help me pay for it.

Via Liz Benson
on Jan 26, 2010
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obamaby Liz Benson

First, there was Cash for Clunkers and the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit, later expanded to all home buyers. But, what if you don’t need a new car or want to move? Now, you have another chance to get in on the economic stimulus money – rebates for buying a new (and more energy efficient) appliance. My kitchen is vintage 1980, so I have been planning on upgrading my appliances. Now, if I wait until March, I should have some extra money coming my way.

The Federal government is giving money to each state based on how many people live there – Colorado is getting over 4.7 million dollars – and each state has to submit a plan for how they will give out the money to residents who buy energy efficient appliances. The details are not out yet, but the state is expected to offer a mail-in rebate for qualifying purchases of Energy Star rated appliances, furnaces and water heaters. It will not be retro-active and when the money runs out, the rebates end. The Colorado rebate program is expected to begin in March. I just hope my fridge (which has been making some strange noises) makes it till then.

Read the U.S. Dept of Energy plan and the Colorado plan for the rebate money.  Check out the Do It Yourself Home Energy Audit to see how much money you can expect to save in energy costs.

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About Liz Benson

Liz Benson is a Realtor/EcoBroker with Colorado Landmark Realtors based in Boulder, CO. She is also Mom to a lovely teenage daughter and an energetic border collie. When not juggling those duties, she enjoys travel, riding her vintage cruiser and DIY home improvements.


5 Responses to “Obama wants me to buy a new (Energy Star) fridge—+ will help me pay for it.”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Oh, I'm jealous! We just bought our fridge last summer. I love this idea though.

  2. hmmmm …. here's a much better idea

    buy/lease a bunch of thermal imaging cameras, get local tradespeople to walk around at night and take photos of houses showing the heat leakage, go back the next day and use cheap and highly obtainable caulking to seal up the house

    this will not only save bucket loads of energy (much more than new kitchen appliances) it will stimulate the local economy by providing employment AND eliminate a potential massive disposal issue …..

    a better insulated house will save much more energy in both summer and winter than new 'energy efficient' whitegoods


  3. Mike Smith says:

    Way, I thought you lived fridge-less and ate all your meals out with gorgeous women?

  4. Patrick says:

    cameron is spot on.