The Art of so-called Eco Diapering (Happy Heinies, PC Green + The No Diaper)

Via Anna Gilkerson
on Jan 17, 2010
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I am back. It has been a little while. I had a baby. She’s cute. Her name is Elly. She doesn’t care what diaper she wears because she’s a baby. Baby’s are actually pretty smart though but that’s another other topic for another day. I am feeling a bit silly tonight so my spin on diapering isn’t exactly a Harvard document. Poop is just so darned funny!

I want to talk to you all about the different methods of diapering. Seriously there are not so many. Really there are only 3.

CLOTH REUSABLE: The so-called MECCA of eco diapering (if cloth diapers could be a place they would be mecca). This is basically what all the staunch environmentalists/hippies/ post beatnik neo redneck vegan country folk practice along with midwifery which is basically like voodoo right?

Picture 3

Cloth diapers are still a part of that whole “buy me” scheme because they have cute names and colors and prints, collections even. If you’re gonna do it- stick with boring- they are diapers, no one sees them except you and your baby and I promise the baby does not care so you are pretty much trying to impress yourself). Boring is probably more organic. The outer shells are made of a weird man made fabric too. They take-up a sh*t load of water and in the winter the amount of electricity from the dryer produces crazy $$ bills. If we left the damn things outside it would take 5 days for them to freeze and then defrost and then smell like mold. Fall/spring/summer is best for diapering and if you live in a sunny dry place you can go for year round cloth diapering. The sun is vital to drying and bleaching out the cloth. In India they call the color of this ecological method of bleaching “sun white”. Cloth diapers do feel nicer against the skin and I know this because I am not an idiot. The Happy Heinies are the softest of the bunch and retain leakage pretty well. We would go through about 12-18 a day- no way would I ever put my baby in cloth overnight- screw that! I want my sleep if I can get it. Another few brands are Baby Bummies (these are okay) hemp or cotton flat diapers (okay too), Kissaluvs, Bum Genius, Gro Baby and AMP diapers.

PAPER/PLASTIC DISPOSABLE: The shameful horrid act of buying a non sustainable item is the easiest option of the three. It is painless and you can just “throw it away” to Neverland. It’s easy and it’s wasteful but you can tisk tisk yourself all you want and you should if you have the proper means but a lot of people simply do not, some have low water and some have no access to a washer every day, and most people do not want to hand wash poopy diapers all day long with an infant on their hip. I can’t get my laundry done let alone 15 lbs of poop stained organic cotton. I prefer the President’s Choice Green Diapers. They are extremely absorbent for being so paper thin (most disposable diapers are so bulky) they are made from wood pulp harvested from sustainably managed forests . They are processed without chlorine bleach. They have a hypoallergenic liner that is fragrance and dye free and some of the plastic parts have been replaced with plant-based polymers. A more healthy yet realistic option? Maybe. But it totally depends on your lifestyle and only you can make that decision, it’s quite personal. Why not try both?

Picture 1Picture 2

I have not tried these bad boys yet so if anyone has please give us a holla!

Oh right, Option 3…

NIENTE NADA NOTHING: Then there are the real wackos who choose option 3, no-diapering diapering. Basically the kid grows up peeing his or her pants like an animal. But seriously, this method aims to prevent that. You look for triggers of your baby’s natural cycle- so once you kind of have an idea of your baby’s patterns then you can prepare by being there waiting to catch the golden egg- so to speak. A lot of work? I can only imagine. I have NOT tried this method in fear of well, surprise.  This is an interesting article from someone who has although I have to mention here that her baby was pretty much a child genius either that or she is into hypnotism. Some more linkage. It’s an interesting thought and by thought I mean thought. It is the most eco-friendly that’s for sure. Throw in a compost toilet in your household and you are a pretty much a god. Quite possibly a stinky one.

“God it’s good to be back.”


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16 Responses to “The Art of so-called Eco Diapering (Happy Heinies, PC Green + The No Diaper)”

  1. Nicole says:

    Thank you for this post. I am a recovering cloth diaper renunciant. Kind of like a recovering Catholic who still feels guilty for not going to Church. I almost entirely and exclusively and religiously cloth diapered my first baby until she was potty trained at 2 yrs old. I was so proud of my ecofabulousness. I still am proud of those years. Now, my first is 8 years old and I have an 8 month old. We started oh-so-valiantly with cloth. Quickly succumbed to Seventh Generation for night time. Yeah, sleep trumps Enivronment! But maybe because he pees more, or maybe because we are usng the same covers from 8 years ago, or maybe because we are older and pickier, the covers just don't seem to keep the moisture from soaking through the pants! So you change diaper, onsie, and pants a million times. Then we argue for 2 weeks over who washes the diapers. Finally two months ago we just bit the bullet and now guiltily send those nice chlorine-free, blah blah diapers to the dump for the poor suckers 7 Generations from now.

  2. Michelle says:

    This article will surely provide me with many more years of careful birth control! LOL!
    But seriously, I think my grandma used a combination of #1 and #3 out of necessity raising her kids on the farm. There were so many babies that she would take her 8 month old and potty train them by sitting them on her lap over a "potty" after every feeding so their bodies got trained to do it's business after eating. This was all so she could use her cloth diapers for the next baby that was soon to arrive. She was a busy lady but all her kids were potty trained before they could even walk!

  3. LaLa says:

    "Boring is probably more organic" is the funniest thing I've heard since yesterday.

  4. Desi says:

    TEEE HEE this made me laugh a lot!

  5. Anna says:

    From Tiffany Price-Murray:

    My Sister tried to go Diaper Free but was a bit too sick off and on to really give it a good go.

    But My aunt did Natural Infant Hygiene with all three of her kids and it was truly incredible to see an infant using the bathroom on command. It was also incredible to see a child walking at 12 months old to the bathroom to use the toilet instead of doing it in her pants!!!

    So It can be done trust me, It really depends on if you have the time and commitment to do something like this. … See More

    In a world where everything around you is rush so you can get it done or work so you can buy more, if it is your priority to be so in tune with your own offspring to truly understand their signs, it can absolutely be done.

    Far easier with your first when you really have not much else to do, and much easier again if you did it with your first one to do it with the next.

    I could have done it with Hayden if I had known, but instead chose to hold him out in front of me when he was pooping so I didn't have to smell it and then change his bum 🙂
    I knew more with Sabella and she went a few times in the toilet for both reasons(which I was sooooo proud of at the time) but with a 2 year old running around as well wasnt happening.

    Alas I am one of those who sometimes wonders where Neverland is and how many diapers it can really hold.
    But give utmost props to those who even think they would take up the challenge of being Diaper Free.

  6. nicole says:

    I tried the g-diapers, the ones with the dissolving/flushable liner and the so cute orange (or blue/purple) covers. It was not so great for overnite or even soft poop . Oh damn I love talking about poooop! Anyway, it was good for the day time on a healthy pooping child. He was about 1 yr old to 2 in them. Since have given the covers to friends with one year olds and for them to order the boxes of liners.

  7. This made me smile and hopefully after your last post it will do the same for you:

    Hey Santa, how much for your list of naughty girls? 🙂

  8. Heather Grimes says:

    Lovely post! As a mama of a nine-month old, I have spent my fair share of time studying diapers. We tried the g-diaper, but wound up having to change her more often because of the condensation than because of the pee. But I loved the concept. Now we use a combination of cloth and disposable, mostly cloth, but 7th G during the night. I love to hear about what other mamas are doing with their poo. That's for starting the conversation!

  9. katherine adams says:

    hello my name is katherine i have just changed over to cloth nappies and plastic pants for my little girl [wendy] she was getting a lot of rashed by wearing disposibals .wendy has been wearing them now for 2 weeks and has not had a rash i shoud have dunn this a long time a go the cost of the disposibals was taking a lot of money but now all is ok my husban peter dus not mined changing her plastic pants and her nappy ok thats all for now by from katherine from sydney australia.

  10. katherine adams says:

    hello from katherine from australia i have just changed over to cloth nappies and plastic pants for my daughter she was getting bad nappy rash from wearing disposibals she is now much better and wendy douse not try to take them off she like wearing then i should have changed over to cloth be for there is a lot more washing but my little girl happerby now .