The Wild Image Project: Documenting The Beauty of the Natural World

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Wild Image Project - Male With Female Sea Lion

Environmentalism has a tendency to come with a dose of gloom. With an impending climate change crisis and some of our most precious natural spaces threatened on a daily basis, sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration to move forward. Enter The Wild Image Project. An exploratory adventure to document the natural world, photographer Daniel Fox brings us up close to the tremendous beauty of wildlife and the environment with the intent of inspiring us to re-question our connection to nature. The project’s amazing collecting of photography forces us to focus on our need for nature, and instead of reminding us of impending gloom and doom, highlights the beauty of the world.

Wild Image Project - Female Seal Angry
Daniel Fox, Wild Image Project

Focusing on the positive instead of the negative, Fox is a photographer that seeks to inspire people instead of preaching. “If I can only inspire people to engage with Nature, even just a little bit, then my mission is accomplished… I want people to understand the importance and necessity of our relationship with nature. Our survival depends on it. Planet Earth will survive. We don’t need to worry about her. What we need to worry is us. We need her more than she needs us.”

Fox will soon embark on the next expedition of the Wild Image Project in Argentina. Working in collaboration with Fundacion Vida Sylvestre, Parques National and the Consul of Argentina in New York, the expedition will provide a “precious work of photography focused on the country’s endemic endangered and threatened species.”

Wild Image Project - Solo
Daniel Fox, Wild Image Project

Wild Image Project - Imperial
Daniel Fox, Wild Image Project

Wild Image Project - Sea Lion
Daniel Fox, Wild Image Project

Wild Image Project - The Terns
Daniel Fox, Wild Image Project

If you want to take part, you can purchase raffle tickets for Wild Image Project prints and a coffee table book.

Check out more photos here.

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