January 4, 2010

Top Ten Climbing Web Sites. ~ Jamie Emerson.

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Ran into climber and longtime acquaintance Jamie Emerson this early eve, bouldering at the Spot Climbing Gym in Boulder, Colorado, along with mutual bud Chad Greedy. Somehow we got to talking about climbing web sites, and Chad and Jamie both had definite opinions, favorites, least favorites. I suggested they compile ’em up for climbers and newbies (like me) alike.

Here’s Jamie’s Top Ten Climbing Sites, with a few words from Jamie himself re: each site.

1. www.8a.nu Love it or hate it, there is no better source for news in the climbing world. This site is my first stop in the morning. I love numbers and information and no site has more.

2. www.climbingnarc.com All the news you need, with a smart twist. Brian Runnells operates this out of Wisconsin, yet his site is consistently the most well-researched, and often quick to break important news.

3. www.b3bouldering.com Colorado bouldering at its finest. My own site, where I report on Colorado mostly, and my travels around the world.

4. www.mountainsandwater.com An art history professor lectures on the finer points of the bouldering world.  Peter is opinionated, well-read, and articulate. The New York Times of the climbing blogosphere.

5. www.bjornpohl.blogspot.com European based news, for the forward thinking climber. I get all the sick international news and updates from Bjorn, who also helps run 8a.nu, listed above.

6. www.jonglassberg.louderthan11.com A Boulder non-native, with tons of motivation and media. Jon is the guy out there doing it, taking great photos and videos.

7. www.bigupproductions.com Amazing climbing media. These guys lead the way, with incredible movies of the best climbers in the world.

8. www.catsclimbing.blogspot.com Never has anyone taken the gym this seriously. James is the authority in Boulder, Colorado, on training—CATS is where I train.

9. www.mocieka.blogspot.com Strong. Girl. Climber. Spoken. Well. Tiffany Hensley has traveled and competed around the world. Her thoughtful and well-written blog is always worth a visit.

10. www.deadpointmag.com Tons of media, and controversy…and what climber doesn’t like that?  The Deadpoint represents a new shift, and its online magazine forum is both engaging and modern.

~ Jamie Emerson has lived in Boulder, Colorado for eight years and has traveled to Europe, Africa and across America pursuing his passion for rock climbing. He is perpetually online.

Trent’s Mom, Joe’s Valley.

A fun, hip video to help beginners be less intimidated to try climbing/bouldering: 

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