January 24, 2010

Where to get legalized marijuana in Boulder, dude.

Bad back? Headache? Lost your car? Problem solved.

We here at elephant aren’t pot smokers, we’re into that meditation stuff and like clear heads. That said, we think it’s fantastic that Colorado, for one, is legalizing, controlling and taxing the sale of pot. Fan. Tas. Tic.

From a prior elephant article:

Whatever you think of marijuana morally or health-wise (Buddhists say it clouds the enlightened mind, for example)…putting folks in prison over it is ridiculous. Compared with the danger to self and other that cigarettes or alcohol (or driving a car, or using toxic household cleaning agents) offer, it’s harmless.

The only harm that comes out of it is related to its status as a black market, illegal good. Make it legal, tax it, imagine what you could do with those taxes. Control it, make it safer, keep it out of schools, kill gangs’ business…too bad legalizing pot is, for now, still a political death-wish.

Excerpt of list via ColoradoDaily.com, for the rest click here.


New Options Wellness, 2855 Aurora Ave., No. 40

Boulder Alternative Medicine, 1325 Broadway, No. 213

Cannabis Healing Arts, 1580 Canyon Blvd.

Therapeutic Compassion Center, 1501 Lee Hill, No. 22

THC Ministry of Boulder, 1221 Pearl St., No. 10

Mountain Medicine Group, 1320 Pearl St., Ste. 240

Natural Alternate Medicine, 5370 Manhattan Circle, Ste. 104

Greenleaf Farmacy, 1644 Walnut Ave.

JTR Caregivers, 2714 28th St.

BMMC Services, 2206 Pearl St.

Vape Therapeutics, 1327 Spruce St., Ste. 300

Healing House, 1303 1/2 Broadway

Boulder MMJ, 1909 Broadway, No. 100LL

The Medication Company, 4483 Broadway

The Greenest Green, 2034 Pearl St., Unit 102

High Grade Alternatives, 3370 Arapahoe Ave.

Flower of Life Healing Arts Inc, 3970 Broadway, Ste. 201

Colorado Care and Wellness, 1000 Alpine

Boulder Care and Wellness, 1000 Alpine

Boulder Wellness Center, 5420 Arapahoe Ave., Unit F

Boulder Rx, 1035 Pearl St., 3rd Floor

Boulder Kind Care, 2031 16th St.

The Bud, 2500 Broadway, Ste. 100

Ohana PC, 918 University Ave.

Boulder’s Unique Dispensary, 900 28th St.

K&K, 1212 13th St.

MediPharm, 800 Pearl St.

Boulder Medical Marijuana Dispensary, 2111 30th St., Unit A

Evolution Medicine Services, 4476 N. Broadway

Trill Alternative, 2043 16th St.

Top Shelf Alternatives, 1327 Spruce St., Ste. 301

Kind Care of Boulder, 2043 16th St.

Trill Alternative, 1537 Pearl St.

Indigenous Medicines, 1200 Pearl St., Ste. 35

Boulder Rx, 6560 Odell Place

Crème de la chron, 2450 Central Ave.

DrReefer.com, 1121 Broadway, Unit G-1

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Read 2 comments and reply

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