January 10, 2010

Whole Life Times, Common Ground + Conscious Choice (Mindful Metropolis) rise like phoenix from ashes of Great Media Burnoff of 2008/09.

Got this letter the other day. Did I say letter? You know, email. In the interest of accuracy, I’ll just print Abigail’s email, lightly edited for privacy and context, below:

Hi, Waylon,

Congratulations on a great site. You’re getting a lot of buzz!

[A mutual colleague] suggested I write to you directly…[re] updating [elephantjournal.com’s] blog on the untimely demise of Whole Life Times, Common Ground and Conscious Choice, all now happily risen again like the phoenix from the ashes!

For some reason that blog shows up on the very first page when I google Whole Life Times and since I’m still coming across people who missed the second memo, I’d love to get more current info up there. Happily you were quite open to that, [our friend] reports…

I wrote up a short something and so did Richard at the former Conscious Choice Chicago, now Mindful Metropolis, both of which [are] below.

Thanks a lot, Waylon.

My very best,


Whole Life Times Soars Again

Having weathered earthquakes, fires, washed-out roads and four ownership changes in six years, Whole Life Times has emerged stronger than ever. The magazine has been a nexus for innovative thought in Los Angeles since 1979, so when corporate doors slammed shut earlier this year, former staffers took up the mission, adding more focused local content and enhanced readability. WLT continues to be ahead of the pack in presenting the people, events and progressive ideas that shape our collective future: sustainability, holistic health, transformative art, and the triple-bottom-line values of people, planet and profits. You can find Whole Life Times in print at close to 500 locations throughout greater L.A., or sign-up at www.WholeLifemagazine.com for a free digital subscription via email. There’s also a self-serve online calendar and an e-store catalogue that links directly to advertisers’ websites.

WholeLifemagazine.com : Facebook.com/WholeLifeTimes : Twitter.com/WholeLifeTimes

Conscious Choice Chicago reborn, thrives as Mindful Metropolis.

MM is a stronger brand with higher quality local content and a more beautiful and relevant design. MM is truly a Chicago metropolitan and surrounding area magazine focusing on sustainable community, and all that goes with living a quality, thoughtful life in our region.  The publication is available via free distribution at approximately 600 Chicago area and suburban locations, via subscription and our on-line electronic magazine.

Abigail Lewis
Editor, Whole Life Times

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