Can you recommend any natural cough suppressants for a child?

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on Feb 10, 2010
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natural cough suppressant
A longtime virtual pal o’ mine, Leif, recently asked the following on Facebook. I figured it’d be helpful to others, out there. The answers he received, thus far.

Leif: Can you recommend any natural cough suppressants appropriate for a 3 year-old?

Tea, brandy, honey

Thanks, Mike. I’ve gotten recommendations ranging from a spoonful of honey to a shot of bourbon. I think we’ll start with the light stuff and save the big guns for the wee hours, should he need it.

My mother always gave me spoons of honey, even before the Mayo Clinic said it was a good idea.

Andrew Fynn:
warm some raw milk, if you can get it, with honey and cinnamon, until the honey is melted, and before the milk starts to steam.

Anita M. Burke

Anita M. Burke
honey and lemon
Karyn Strickler

Honey and lemon is good, but you also have to ask if it’s appropriate to suppress the cough. If it’s not interfering with sleep, you might not. We sometimes forget that our bodies do these things to fight what is affecting us and sometimes we have to let our body do its job.
Loquat syrup (often sold mixed with honey)
My kids don’t mind fresh ginger tea with honey. I have them sleep sitting up a little to help supress the cough reflex. Good luck, Leif.


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8 Responses to “Can you recommend any natural cough suppressants for a child?”

  1. nicole says:

    any natural ideas for bronchiospasms?

  2. Cary says:

    Boerike and Tafel homeopathic Cough Syrup

  3. Kim
    chestal-homeopathic syrup

    stay in a steamy bath tub and drink tea with honey and lemon.

    can you also recommend natural remedies for bronchiospasms?

    Honey loquat syrup: it's a Chinese remedy.

    A cloth soaked in strong comfrey leaf tea on the chest with a hot water bottle over it ♥

    thanks love:)

    find out if there are expression issues arising. Is the child feeling like they have to squelch who they are and what they say to please others around them? (throat chakra) Lung issues are grief- so good to check on that one too.

    spend some time in a steamy bath before bed

  4. Fran Sussman says:

    Honey is great but make it raw & local for best efficacy. Add fresh ginger, fresh organic lemon & hot water. This won't suppress, is anti-microbial & will help loosen phlegm.

  5. Jim Tolstrup says:

    Slippery elm and honey – You can get it in powder form at natural foods stores and It's easy to make you just bring it to a boil, good for stomach ailments too and you can even give it to pets.

  6. When I've tried everything herbal and homeopathic and the cough is still stubborn, I do the chopped onion poultice. It REALLY works!
    Chop and steam an onion (you can also add garlic). Mix with some corn starch and a little cider vinegar. Let cool slightly. Then wrap the mixture in a cotton cloth and place it on the chest, ideally with a heating pad or hot water bottle on top of it to help keep it warm and for better penetration. Leave on 20-30 minutes. You can also apply to the back.
    My son wouldn't let me leave it on very long, but it still worked by the next morning, when nothing else had!

  7. Suzanne
    Horehound is a traditional herbal remedy, also hyssop.

    Bee M.D. organic honey throat drops

    The best stuff I have used for my kids is Umcka- cherry is the preferred flavor… very safe and moves the infection through quickly

    organic Eucalyptus oil in a base oil like almond on the chest and a small drop in the mouth

    Garlic Tea has worked for me since I was a child.

  8. Karina says:

    a few drops of Thyme essential oil in a carrier oil like olive or almond, directly on the chest, up to the neck. if cough is really bad, rub the upper back as well, and also boil some water and a few drops of Thyme and inhale. Eucalyptus is good for relieving congestion, but to soothe a spasming cough, nothing beats thyme oil!