February 10, 2010

Integral Sex Talk.

Geek Talk to Impress Women.

RT @jf_moen: The good news about augmented reality is that it takes us one step closer to the externalization of the psyche. That’s also the bad news.

If I were an Integral bloke, ready to party after a long day brooding while sipping chai and pretending to read Wilber’s Sex Ecology Spirituality in a cafe, and I had nothing to do with my evening except watch V for Vendetta, alone, again…I’d shout out a sweet tweet like the above and I bet some Malin Akerman-lookalike (see video at bottom…if you’re over 18) would be ready for some David Deida action, youknowwhatI’msayin’?

If that virtual mating cry didn’t bring the leather-clad Matrix girls in, I’d unleash part one of 12—yes, twelve—on ’em.

David Deida lets it rip in Byron Bay, bringing great humor, wisdom, and light to the perennial issues surrounding love, intimacy, sexuality, and spirituality. This 12 part series presents the entirety of the professionally produced video Spirit Sex Love, which offers a lively demonstration of David’s teaching methods and an introduction to his teachings on sexuality, spiritual growth, and true intimacy.

The much-rewound + replayed Watchmen Sex Scene:

Sex scenes should always include superhero outfits & Leonard Cohen.

Malin Akerman Sex Scene in Watchmen 

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Read 16 comments and reply

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