Questions on Forming new Board of Advisors for elephant journal + Walk the Talk Show w Waylon Lewis.

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on Feb 2, 2010
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board of advisors

Our aim in the next year is to 1) stay alive, 2) move from 115,000 readers/month to 800,000, and 3) to see our talk show resume monthly interviews and be picked up by 20-100 green and other such web sites. We may take on investment from like-minded “smart money,” if that will help us regain a staff and infrastructure we’ve lost since our days as a print publication.

We haven’t had a formal Board of Advisors for two years. The last board included movers and shakers behind Shambhala Mountain Center, Chipotle and Noodles, prominent designers, green architects, media ad men, green entrepreneurs, slow food cooks, others.

Here’s a rather low-rent video I recorded after our first meeting some years ago. Feel free to not watch anything after the first two minutes!

First of all, I’d love to hear from readers who are interested in serving. Secondly, I’d love to hear more from the business-types out there about how to best form and manage a Board of Advisors, and what to expect from them. Should they contribute articles to elephant? Should we gather physically at least once a year? Should we Skype chat once a month? Who all should we petition to serve? I’d like to see a diverse range of Advisors from around the US, primarily, who are leaders in business, yoga, spirituality, the arts, ecofashion, politics, education, family…the various fields we focus upon that, together, help us to live a “mindful life”—a good life that happens to be good for others, and our planet.

Some accomplishments over the past few years:

  • Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis featured on more than 20+ green sites
  • Waylon Lewis has served as columnist on Huffington Post
  • Treehugger: “Changemaker”
  • Discovery Network’s Planet Green: “Green Hero”
  • Shambhala Sun: mentioned in anniversary issue as “Prominent Buddhist”
  • Naturally Boulder: “’07 Entrepreneur of Year”
  • 5280 Magazine: “Top Single”
  • MNN: Top 10 US Green Video Blog
  • Beliefnet: Top 10 Buddhist Blog.
  • Twitter: @elephantjournal, winner of Twitter US Shorty Awards 2010 for “Green,” has been
  • Our is now at 8500 Fans, and growing steadily.


About elephant journal

elephant journal is dedicated to "bringing together those working (and playing) to create enlightened society." We're about anything that helps us to live a good life that's also good for others, and our planet. >>> Founded as a print magazine in 2002, we went national in 2005 and then (because mainstream magazine distribution is wildly inefficient from an eco-responsible point of view) transitioned online in 2009. >>> elephant's been named to 30 top new media lists, and was voted #1 in the US on twitter's Shorty Awards for #green content...two years running. >>> Get involved: > Subscribe to our free Best of the Week e-newsletter. > Follow us on Twitter Fan us on Facebook. > Write: send article or query. > Advertise. > Pay for what you read, help indie journalism survive and thrive.


14 Responses to “Questions on Forming new Board of Advisors for elephant journal + Walk the Talk Show w Waylon Lewis.”

  1. Peggy says:

    Hey Waylon. At the Trident. I would like to see you have some consistency with the Talk Shows so that people could look forward to them and you could set up a similar structure as e-town. Why not stream it as well? I think it should be available nationally, internationally.

    I would like to continue to support you on your board, having yearly meetings in exotic places of choice. Slow and green of course..Smiling Hill, Elehotel, Florence, sailing in in the know. (ha)

    Take whatever honorable support you can get to get you to the next level. Listen and discern. Now is the time to jump.

  2. John says:

    I would love to be a part of this if you have room for a loud and sometimes insulting "bad buddhist". Just as long as I don't end up being Aquaman….maybe Green Arrow?

  3. ACB says:

    We've got to get you a show on Green TV or some shit. You should call Ed Begley Jr. or Henry Rollins and see if he can help a brother out. It can be sort of like the Tavis Smiley Show or something. Maybe PBS will like you? You can showcase up and coming bands like Paper Bird.

  4. Joana Smith says:

    That's funny, I was just dreaming the other day that I wanted to do a home tour of *our* home on elephant soon, sort of like those ultra-chic home spreads in Vogue but show everyone our Green :STUFF:: But this is so awesome, Waylon H… I get such a better feel for you this way! Can you just find a way to embed the video front and center on the homepage making it easier to tune-in to the daily broadcast?

    Looking forward to tomorrow! Show us MORE! More green life in action! (how do you make green coffee?) This is a real opportunity for some creativity… for the Whole Foods demographic, for the housewives, for the babies, have fun, you are already a giant to us!

    ps. can my green superhero character be Lady Liberty?
    here's my recent blog in case anyone missed it!

  5. Thanks! Once we find and train an event manager/producer, we're all set. We've got a great video crew, and have been named top 10 nationally already, despite our (agreed) inconsistent schedule. Largely, at this point, it's a problem of being able to get the ball rolling, and then picking up sponsors.

    We've actually streamed the last few, for the first time, though I can't say we were even close to doing so professionally!

    I'm at Salt!

  6. Green Arrow is super cool. I need insults, keeps me honest.

  7. I've called Rollins, he hasn't called back. Thanks, ACB, for the input! We could def manage something like Tavis' show, quality-wise, with a little staff support.

  8. Oh, that video is years old, I don't know how to record youtube vids and upload them, I'm lost in the 90s!

  9. John says:

    Henry Rollins doesn't call back…he finds you in a dark alley, punches you in the face and steals your bike.

  10. Thanks, schweetey, I love your posts, and your hubbies'. Yours in particular, out of all those on our site, or any site for that matter, I sincerely believe use the format of the blog in a new and interesting way. Love it. Your children will treasure your blogs, like digital scrapbooks, in coming years.

    One year out of the gates = 115,000 readers a month. Not bad. Next year, 800,000 is my goal—for all of us involved with ele.

  11. i'm in – struggling with bandwidth this week, but would love to sit down early next week for an afternoon – will make contact through the usual channels

  12. Lot's of good suggestion coming in here.

    (I have nothing to say, but I have to enter a comment to get e-mail notification, I think.)

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