February 5, 2010

Un-Lonely Planet: Green Earth Guide ~ Dorian Yates

Written by environmentalist Dorian Yates,

The Green Earth Guides were born out of Dorian’s frustration at not being able to easily find eco-oriented places of interest and food she could eat (organic, gluten-free, locally produced) while traveling.

She decided to write a series of guide books for people like herself that might be tired of having to

resort to fast food when really a whole foods shopper, prefer herbs and vitamins to pharmaceutical drugs, and have conflicts about the greenhouse effect of their flight.

So unlike the usual guidebook fare, the Green Earth Guides offer an insiders guide to healthy living on the road so you don’t have to sacrifice your healthy habits and lifestyle choices just because you are away from home.

Green Earth Guides provide ecologically and health oriented travelers with location-specific eco-information, covering where to find organic and vegetarian restaurants, health food stores, yoga and meditation centers, alternative healthcare remedies, clinics and spas, organic vineyards, eco-tourism attractions, public transit and more.

The Green Earth Guides offer information on most things alternative, so people can travel as they live, allowing them to tread a little more lightly on the earth.

While green has gotten a reputation for being synonymous with expensive, the Green Earth Guidesoffer economical choices, rather than simply high-end options.

The guides are intentionally organized by category not location to illustrate the numerous local ecological options in each country. The category format also makes it easy for travelers with particular green interests, such as wind power or organic vineyards, to hone in on where to visit.

The Carbon Fund says, “If you have an appetite for travel, a modest budget, and a carbon-conscious heart- look no further. Green Earth Guide: Traveling Naturally in France is your perfect travel companion.”

Green Earth Guide: Traveling Naturally in France and Green Earth Guide: Traveling Naturally in Spain are available now, while guides to Switzerland, Italy and Britain are in the works.

The companion Blog: http://travelingnaturally.blogspot.com and Web site: www.travelingnaturally.com provide additional tips and resources for the green traveler.

Dorian Yates, photographer and author of the Green Earth Guide ~ Traveling Naturally in Europe series, is passionate about living and traveling economically with an environmental conscience. She has worked professionally in the environment, natural healthcare, and green products for over thirty years.

The Green EarthGuides bring together these interests with a desire for cross-cultural understanding and love of traveling.

www.travelingnaturally.com ~ a Lonely Planet Favorite!


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