Vote: what is Boulder’s Greenest, most Progressive Restaurant?

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on Feb 10, 2010
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The Kitchen Wins!  We’ll be announcing the prize for Boulder’s Greenest, Most Progressive Restaurant shortly.

the kitchen, Boulder's greenest restaurantBoulder's Greenest RestaurantBoulder's Greenest RestaurantBoulder's Greenest Restaurant

The Eastern New Year rings in on February 14th—what better day to declare your love for your favorite “green” and otherwise responsible, fun, cheery, progressive restaurant?

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  • elephant is all about local—the foods in the average meal in America are shipped 1500 miles. For that reason, only locally-owned restaurants are included among our reader favorites; and just as importantly those restaurants that get the greatest percentage of their fare from local farmers and ranchers are given priority.
  • Leave a comment below re: what your favorite restaurants does that’s green. We encourage comments and votes re: those restaurants that “green” their space, food, utilities—let’s use this coming together of fans of various dining communities to create a give-and-take forum for eco-friendly ideas.
  • We not only condone but encourage you all to wrangle your supporters, community, aunts, uncles, nephews, distant relatives you haven’t been in touch with for years—anyone with a laptop or PC—to vote once. Vote twice, we’ll kill you.
  • One final note: don’t worry about ‘winning,” too much—this is meant to be fun, a way to bring our bountiful “green” and “progressive” restaurant community some attention, and a way to let new, would-be patrons and longtime fans alike find out easily what hotspots have the buzz and might be worth checking out.


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18 Responses to “Vote: what is Boulder’s Greenest, most Progressive Restaurant?”

  1. Andrew_A says:

    No VG Burger or Blues Greens?

  2. I'll add both. Not familiar with Blues Greens, my loss sounds like! Thanks for suggestions.

  3. alex says:

    Unfortunately it is the Kitchen. but it is always packed to the brim full of pricks. They suck the life full of fun, and make it about being "seen"

  4. The Boulder restaurant scene as a whole can feel a bit like "Cheers," where it's the same good old friends or people you half-know, wherever you go. That's just what we get with a smaller city.

  5. karen says:

    How about Murphys south? Locally owned – good fresh food.

  6. ACB says:

    How is one supposed to know, really?

  7. It's just your personal overall "mindful" favorite—just for fun! I have about four or five faves that I love that I think are leading the field in various ways.

  8. They're in–'cause of you–with thanks–

  9. jenna216 says:

    I would like to add Tibet Kitchen!

  10. ACB says:

    Chipotle?? You ever tasted their chicken? That stuff is so gamey, it must be the scrap off the killing floor.

  11. lindsey says:

    What about Leaf Restaurant?
    I'm not totally sure of their eco practices but organic and vegetarian have to count for something!

  12. I haven't–I'm vegetarian—but they are Boulder-founded, and far more eco than most chains.

  13. Don't think they're mostly organic, though would love to be wrong. But yes, vegetarian, elegant, they're a great idea!

  14. josh says:

    Yeah, you gotta give the Black Cat mad props. Not only do they get there stuff locally, they friggin GROW most of it on the farm they started just for that purpose!

  15. Sara Jelley says:

    Black Cat and Leaf are good, love organic myself, but an all vegan food restaurant is more green than any organic and local restaurant can boast. No animal products = about a million times less of a carbon footprint than any other! Go VGs!

  16. Great point. Read my article: "If you eat Meat, you're not an Environmentalist. I'm just saying."