5 Photos from my NYC life (Hipsters, MSG, murals, and other things)

Via Rusty Ralston
on Mar 30, 2010
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Here are some photo observations / comments from my daily NYC life, which is typically me going between Brooklyn (Williamsburg / Bushwick) and Manhattan. From vats of MSG on the street, to beautiful sunny days overlooking the East River atop the Williamsburg bridge… the variety present in 1 day in New York is astounding. So, straight from my iphone, some visual observations.


That, my friends, is a huge vat that once housed the wonder flavoring MSG. I think I got a headache and the sweats just walking by. I wonder if they’re sprinkling that on grass-fed beef? Ha. Chinatown / Soho-ish area.


A hipster haiku seen at $puyten Duyvil, Belgian bar extraordinaire, in Williamsburg.


Overlooking the East River via the Williamsburg Bridge.


The mural in front of hipster spot, coffee shop, bar, creative studio, office space housing Brooklyn Fire Proof. Bushwick.


The best tacos in NYC. Al Pastor = pork marinated in pineapple. Sustainably raised I’m sure??? Taqueria El Fogon. Bushwick.

All photos via Rusty’s iphone. Rusty can be found here.


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Rusty Ralston is a professional photographer specializing in music, fashion, lifestyle, and travel photography. He is available for shoots anywhere, preferably sunny islands.


One Response to “5 Photos from my NYC life (Hipsters, MSG, murals, and other things)”

  1. Hi, Randy.

    I can relate to this. I have not one, but two musician sons living in Brooklyn. Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge is the experience I most recommend to new visitors to NYC.

    I'll rely on you to make me sound informed when I talk to them on the phone.

    Bob Weisenberg