March 24, 2010

Manifestation in Twelve (Sort Of Complex) Steps!

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Hope this isn’t too new agey for you ele-fans!

Manifesting is not always easy. Here are some tips that will help you through the days where it would be way too easy to give up hope. Manifestation is not a mystery; it’s a kind of technology or tool that one must learn to harness, and sometimes it just takes some work.

1. Desire + action = manifestation. Desire alone does not alter the case of a river. The universe does not usually move the course of the river on its own…it takes a bit of helpful trenching to create a new route. Trickle, then a gush, then a torrent.

Without action, manifestation will almost never follow. Manifestation requires work on your part.

Looking for the perfect job? Work on manifesting that job through all the tools of manifestation that you can acquire; prayer, visualization, mantras, dream boards, collage. AND, interview for every single job opening that looks like it might be the real deal!

Sometimes that perfect job (or relationship, or pile of money, or car) will just fall into your lap by pure magic. Usually you have to do your part to show the universe you’re committed enough to actually do or have the manifestation you are requesting.

2. Be specific in your request, but not TOO specific.

3. You need to know that your request can be fulfilled from any source – anywhere and any time.

4. You must have no reservations about what you ask for. This includes any feelings of lack of worthiness.

5. The delivery of your desires or requests must not be dependent in any way on any one person’s actions or responses.

6. If a block comes up to the manifestation, you need to reconsider the request. Don’t let doubt enter in, just use it as a recheck on your request. If doubt nags, perhaps it’s a message that you need to reconsider your desire or goal. Perhaps it’s a message that you’re heading in the wrong direction.

7. Know that NEED puts distance between you and your desired outcome. So reframe: instead of “I need a new car,” say, “It’s time for me to have (or manifest, or find, or whatever verb works for you) my perfect vehicle. Safe, reliable, and easy on the pocket,” or whatever your list is that creates “perfect” for you.

8. Have faith. Doubt on its own offers the opposite of the desired outcome. Like Lot looking over his shoulder when he doubted a divine promise and seeing his wife turn to a pillar of salt, your lack of trust erodes your own footing on your path toward your ideal end-point.

9. Remember that worrying is like praying for something you don’t want. I’m not sure who said that first, but it rings true. In other words, “We get what we expect, not what we desire.” – Chris Howard, a true modern day master.

10. Be aware that prayer helps, and practice it with passion. Pray to whomever works for you, but I personally have found Jesus to be particularly and peculiarly generous on the money count. 🙂 And in many other matters.

11. Let small miracles bolster your faith and commitment.

12. Practice gratitude for all your outcomes achieved. Every single one. Large, small, easy, challenging, make a prayer of gratitude each time the universe delivers on your request

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Read 4 comments and reply

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