March 28, 2010

Michael Pollan: you are “processed corn, walking.” Enter Beanitos chips.

Gluten-free, Corn-free Beanitos Chips

I just ate four bags of Beanitos. Not all at once—I spaced out my enthusiastic eco bachelor excess with at least one or two five minute breaks in between.

They’re yummy. They’re gluten-free, full of fiber and omega 3s. None of which I know anything about, but vaguely realize are good for me and very good for others. They’re not, sadly, organic. Most singularly, Beanitos—unlike the meat, milk, corn syrup and corn products themsleves—aren’t corn-based.

Look at your average grocery store, now: just about everything is made out of corn, or was fed corn, or is sweetened with corn. Apparently, 60% of our diet is corn-based.

Given that, I’ll be making a switch of at least 60% of my chips (and I eat a lot of chips) to Beanitos.

Disclaimer: elephant received lots of Beanitos, free. We’re happy to receive more, free, at any time.

More info, from Beanitos’ web site:

Beanitos™ Black Bean Chips and Beanitos™ Pinto Bean and Flax Chips are the only bean chips that are 100% corn free! Yes, we said absolutely no corn! Distinctively delicious with a crispy crunch, we thought it was high time to kick the corn and make chips that taste great and actually have some nutritional value! Wow, what a concept!

You see, corn is cheap, and it’s used to make ethanol gas for cars, to get cows fat, and as an ingredient in over 4000 products in your local supermarket! It’s not hard to understand then, why major university research indicates that the typical Western diet consists of over 60% corn! Hmmm, let’s break that down: Cows are fed corn to get fat and our diets are mostly corn; so could it be that cutting back on corn and eating Beanitos might help you manage your waistline? We think so.

Beanitos are lab tested and certified to be low glycemic! Beanitos Black Bean Chips have a GI of 33 and GL of 3.  Beanitos Pinto Bean and Flax Chips have a GI of 44 and a GL of 4.Those other guys who make corn and potato chips don’t bother to test, because they know their chips aren’t low glycemic!

Rest assured, all Beanitos Bean Chips are always Gluten Free! Wheat Free and Soy Free, too!

Fiber makes you feel full, and Beanitos Bean Chips have more fiber in a single serving than some chips have in a whole bag! Compare the fiber in Beanitos to the fiber in corn and potato chips and you’ll see the only thing those other chips are high in is empty calories!

A complete protein supplies essential amino acids, our bodies’ building blocks. Beanitos have 2½ times the protein of corn and potato chips– and theirs is not ‘complete’ protein.

Ounce for ounce, Beanitos Black Bean Chips (600mg) and Beanitos Pinto Bean and Flax Chips (1200mg) are a great source for Omega 3s!  Among its many benefits, Omega 3s may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by reducing inflammation and artery plaque, and lowering triglycerides and hypertension.

Beans Without Gas??
It’s true! We created a unique, natural and proprietary way to make Beanitos without the common side effects some people associate with eating beans. But remember, Beanitos are high in fiber. So don’t eat a whole bag full of Beanitos the first time you switch!

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