“Mostly Coherent Confessions of a Dharma Brat.” Alex King Video: Waylon Lewis.

Via Walk The Talk Show
on Mar 19, 2010
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A moment in time in Venice, California:

Mostly Coherent Confessions of a Dharma Brat – Waylon in Venice CA from Alex King & Mito Media.


I’m just back from a week in LA for Natural Products Expo West, which was amazing and exhausting, and then four or five days in LA for meetings, hangings with the best and the greenest. A good week that hopefully will help elephant begin to attain a solid financial footing to go with our rapidly exploding presence in social media (facebook, twitter mostly), my Walk the Talk Show, and our traffic (now at 172,000 unique visitors/month according to Google Analytics).

The last night I had linner with a friend, then met a yoga teacher for a drink…then met my longtime buddy and videographer Alex King at The Other Room on Abbot Kinney, Venice’s main drag. We got some din at the famous (and deservedly so) institution, AK Pizza, then a drink at Gjelina, then ice cream at Nice Cream, I think it’s called, where Alex whipped out his gajillion doller new toy camera and filmed this, off the cuff. When he turned the camera off, we kept talking. Something about the reunion brought a lot into focus, for me. Alex worked with elephant when he had a big staff, a magazine, office. When I had a car, a home. Now, my staff has dispersed across the country, we’re on online vehicle, and I’m experiencing both freedom and success and, probably, the hardest year of my life, financially at least. Having grown up poor with my ma, I’m ready to move on. I’m ready to begin to succeed on every front—including traveling and being in love and all of it.


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8 Responses to ““Mostly Coherent Confessions of a Dharma Brat.” Alex King Video: Waylon Lewis.”

  1. Video Posted by Alex Marsh King
    Confessions with Waylon — Venice California [HD]
    by Alex Marsh King (videos)

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    Alan Mann

    Joey Walker
    Luuuurve this.

    Scooter Baskin
    BAHAHAHAHAH not enough like buttons in the world!!

    Dan Whittet
    Yo, the Felini of Venice beach. "I'm totally, maybe in love" head swivels to blonde striding by. You can't make that s hit up.

    Alex Marsh King
    at the end: "Do you feel that?"

    Alan Mann
    this truly captures a moment in time.

    Waylon Lewis
    Alex, thanks man. Great to get drink/ice cream/random plant-admiring walk in with you.

    Wesley Smith
    Great video, for sure. Dan took the words out of my mouth, however. haha

    Let's try to grab a beer soon, man!

    Joshua Scott Onysko
    way to keep it real way….

    Merete Mueller
    oh goodness i love you two, and i love the sound of the traffic in the background.

    Joana Smith
    This is the year, I have the t-shirt to prove it 🙂 let's do it to'n it! ! !

  2. Anthony Sayre says:

    Good luck Waylon! Hope it all works out. I knew you back at Casey Jr Hi, just barely though. What a trip.

  3. I am here cheering you on! I know that your wishes and your prayers to “move on” will be heard and will come to fruition.
    GO GO GO

  4. Great video. This will be a classic when you're rich and famous.

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  6. Well when he is rich…I think Waylon is a bit famous these days 😀

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