March 13, 2010

Natural Products Expo West, 2010…Saturday Before Goin’ In…

Alright…the bus got me here in under two hours. I got myself to the press room, needing some time to pull my act together before going in. Had a late night writing and such. Needed to perk up and put my game face on. While in the press room, had a great chat with Kelly Gallagher, a local producer whom I’ve been seeing everywhere lately…have been buddies on facebook for a while, but just met in person recently at Conscious Life Expo. Need to follow up on that connection, for sure! 

Yesterday, I felt terrible about chucking my coffee cup after gulping down a cup of joe, so I brought my own mug this time. Wish I didn’t need the coffee, but that’s my reality for today. Couldn’t go in looking and feeling low on energy.  Gotta sparkle, shine, give a good show. 

Was wondering what Starbuck’s coffee is doing in the press room? Claire Tindall told me that it’s contracted through the convention center. Her company was hoping that someone (an organic and more conscioulsy-minded coffee company) would step up to the plate and sponsor the coffee in the press room. Guess it didn’t happen this time around, but come on organic coffee people! This could be a great opportunity to show your support, spread awareness and promote your products!  Maybe next time…

Anyhoo, a little coffee, some laughs, a chat with the ladies behind the scene in the press room, some time to put my game face on, and I’m almost ready to go. Am feeling like I do before a stage performance…jittery, heart jumping like something big is about to happen. Is it the coffee, or IS something big going to happen here for me? I mean, in addition to the reporting gig? We shall see!  In any case, it’s an honor to be reporting here again for Elephant Journal. 

I took a little time to check out the display cases today to pull together a game plan. I’m planning to visit the supplements, “natural living” and bodycare sections today. Will continue to keep my eyes open for things of interest, taking more photos, getting the inside scoop.  If you haven’t read my other two posts yet, make sure to do so.  Type in “Expo West Claire Amber” in the Elephant Journal search box.  Wish I could feed you the links, but am using the computer at the Expo.

Alright, I’m going in.  Wish me luck and stay tuned for more!  Cheers!

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Read 4 comments and reply

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