Vegan Dog Treats? Ruff, ruff. Max & Ruffy’s, via Farfel’s Farm.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Mar 28, 2010
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Max and Ruffy’s dog treats are, indeed, a “positive choice for your dog and the environment.”

Vegan dog treats so good your dog will think they’re raw steak.

“Dogs, people and all living beings deserve respect and compassion…[these are] ethical, hand-baked, organic, non-outsourced, human-grade, nutritious, flavorful, compassionate treats [without] artificial coloring, flavor enhancers, additives or harmful preservatives.”

{Disclaimer: elephant received samples for review free of charge.}

Available at Farfel’s Farm, longtime supporters of elephant.

max ruffy's vegan dog treats eco organic

Dogs like meat, sure.

But they also love to eat grass (at least, my Redford does) and peanut butter and, in Red’s case, Max and Ruffy’s vegan dog treats. Given that I’m vegetarian, while I don’t impose my diet on my dog (though some of my vegan friends do, and their dogs are healthy, happy and obedient)…I do always feel good when I serve my doggy some veggie wet food or the occasional veggie treat.

So I was happy to review these human grade treats recently, courtesy Jeff at Farfel’s Farm, in Boulder Colorado. Jeff and Sandy, the owners of Farfel’s, are the biggest animal lovers in the world—they rescue dogs and horses and helped me rescue my mutt, serving as sort of foster parents—and their love of animals extends to their own plates, come suppertime.

Redford loooved the molasses treats—which was a good thing, since my boy loooves to fetch, but doesn’t always love to come back (he typically likes to come halfway back, then start strutting about peeing and smelling and, yeah, nibbling at grass). He didn’t love the pizza-ish flavor, though he likes ’em alright (he’ll eat them, but the coming back is less enthusiastic).

Bonus: One sign we here at elephant always looks for that almost always indicates whether the company is greenwashing or walking their talk: the packaging. Max and Ruffy’s is thoroughly eco.



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One Response to “Vegan Dog Treats? Ruff, ruff. Max & Ruffy’s, via Farfel’s Farm.”

  1. lisa says:

    and don't forget that dogs are Omnivores and can thrive on a plant based diet. i have dozens of friends that have veg dogs. and what dog would want to eat his/her friends that have been so horrifically tortured, which is what most commercial pet foods are made of; tortured animals that are as precious as fido.