March 12, 2010

Weight Loss: Pilates= Instant + amazing results [Acacia + Kristin McGee]

The common New Year’s resolution is to get an exercise regime going so one can get fit after all the Holiday binging. Some stay on it some don’t. I on the other hand let bygones be bygones, give myself another month and a bit to languish in my fat and bad eating habits and then treat myself to some sort of fitness plan after The Chinese New Year. I guess it’s me realizing that summer is just around the corner and that I must get into shape soon if I want to fit into one of my teeny weeny eco bikinis. It also gives me a few months to prepare mentally. But for some reason this year after the Christmas fat and the fat blob that I became after having my baby girl Elly I started early. I started a simple easy exercise plan that has gotten me on my feet and feeling good again. My butt (and everything  else) feels firmer and my core strength is like, off the charts I swear it. So you are probably wondering what I am talking about and how you should do it too right? because it is actually pretty easy. Alright I will stop blathering now and tell you …………………………………………………………………..

…Okay (just kidding) now I will tell you.

It’s  a video and it’s called WEIGHT LOSS: PILATES from the ever healthy and fit and strong and sweet as pie- Kristin McGee. It is produced by ACACIA. At the beginning I hated her because it did hurt and she must have been in it to hurt and so I cursed her a lot but slowly everyday I decided that I liked her very much and that she actually was here to help. By the end of the first month I pretty much had the work out memorized (which means I am searching now for new pilates videos- hint hint) and could do the whole thing start to finish and not have to collapse and start over (well almost). But I have heard collapsing is good so cool.

This is THE best work out for my body type (I gain all my weight in my womanly areas – butt and hips- except the breasts unfortunately) and probably is for many other types as well. It is pretty well rounded. It gives you a nice warm-up, a cardio blast, a core strengthening workout and a cool down all in just 33 minutes! You can also choose what sections you want to do. So if you are really busy you can do the 20 minute cardio/core blast and be done with it. You know 4-5 times a week you will start to notice changes to your body almost immediately and best of all? I was not sore at all after the first few sessions. Finally my bikini body is looking like an actual realization this year. Oh and don’t forget to omit as much sugar and carbs as possible and eat plenty of organic and/or local produce. Drink 8 oz. of water a day and you should be set! It’s as simple as that. For me exercise should be about enjoying being healthy and if you are you are not wanting to go eat a chocolate cake while smoking a ciggie cause it just doesn’t taste or feel good.

You can buy the video pretty much everywhere online. I HIGHLY recommend it.

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Read 4 comments and reply

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