April 18, 2010

3 out of 10 Tea Partiers still don’t believe that President Barack Hussein Obama was born in the USA.

We’re all Americans—even our President.

Thinly veiled racism, anyone? No? Xenophobia, then?

Yesterday, I posted a thoughtful article about how I respected the Tea Party Movement, and so did a certain gent by the name of Bill Clinton, and that fundamentally any political activism is healthy, and that minus a certain amount of vitriol that doth runneth over their tea cups, we Americans oughta welcome such passion.

Then, I open up the Sunday NY Times this morning (at The Kitchen in Boulder with my momma) and read that Tea Partiers are better off than most of us, hate that the government is helping po’ folk…and—best of all—(this is all according to the largest, most thorough poll to date—these are their views) three out of ten of them still don’t believe Barack Hussein Obama was born in the US of A and is therefore ineligible to be the President of these United States of America.

This is where I get off the Tea Party boat. This “issue” has been so thoroughly debunked by every credible non-partisan organization and individual, it’s just silly. And it’s dangerous silly.

It’s willful ignorance.

You want a debate about ideas? Bring it. That’s what America is about.

You want to protest and have a good time and watch every tax dollar that’s spent? Good on ya.

You want to insult the notion that Democracy is founded and dependent upon the education of We the People? You’re not doing yourself, or your movement, or America any good.

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