April 20, 2010

An “Eco” Barbeque for my visiting Mom.

A good time was had by all: only one friend got thoroughly sloshed, only one calendar got defaced, a saké run was made with a hybrid, nothing was broken, and no one helped clean up.

three lindseys and one dylan

My mom just visited for a week thanks to a friend who bought her a ticket to Boulder after hearing that she hadn’t seen me for three years (and four months). On her second-to-last day, I invited friends over for a potluck and asked them to bring microbrews, organic wine, and organic/mostly veggie dishes.

While the photos are mostly silly and irrelevant to our readers, a lot of folks who have done a lot to support elephant came by, and it was a lovely day, and I thought no harm in sharing. While i didn’t get photos of many of those who dropped by, biking in and eating and drinking and biking off, I did get some. Here they are:

Afterward, we went to a vigil for the Tibet Earthquake.

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Read 4 comments and reply

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