Abilene’s 3rd Birthday!

Via Joana Smith
on Apr 25, 2010
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It’s going to be Abilene’s 3rd Birthday soon,

and she wanted to invite all of her friends over!














What’s up with this?

We try and make the Green choices and blog about it.

First step for this green party was an invitation, so I’m circulating small slips of recycled paper that have vital information, which then point guests to this paperless invitation! I’m probably doing everything all wrong already! There’s already trash! How green can we get? And I hope we don’t have, like 1,000 people showing up at our house on 5-15 at 5, but we could also have no one because I’ve forgotten some bit of vital information, and probably have. (If your reading this, you are invited! Believe me)  …We will be eating corn on the cob and mac’n cheese in the backyard under the oak tree, having some tea and cake, and we’re going to roll the piano back there and sing farm songs, and….what else? We are making you costumes to wear, and games to play! Come see our flower fairy farm! No gifts please, just bring your best smile!


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