April 5, 2010

Age With Grace, not Botox. ~ Lisa Hughes

The Secret to Staying Young is…

Retinol     Botox    Dermabrasion    Collagen Injections

All of the above are well-known treatments for helping the fight against sags and bags as we age.

A recent discussion on Facebook last week began, “According to #ABS Eco Panel, the average woman uses 25 beauty products a day.” At $10 to $120 per product, we are spending a fortune on our faces, necks and decolletage, myself included.

This week, as I was slathering on my moisturizer in the quiet of my after shower, I got to thinking about a friendship I have that has been strained over the last couple of years. Typically, when this relationship crosses my mind I try to be compassionate, but end up being defensive (in my own thoughts), creating an argument with her in my head. A recent confrontation between us was taking space in my thoughts that day, yet somewhere between jojoba oil and Eight Greens Moisturizer I thought, “You know, Lees, it’s just okay.” Okay that this relationship is what it is, and not something else. Okay that can I choose how to digest the events of it. Okay that I choose something less defensive. Okay that I let go. Okay to experience a little grace.

Admittedly, I am not “that old”. This year, I will turn 34. Yet, after that moment in front of the mirror, I felt an inexplicable lightness of being. And I swear, as I looked back at my reflection, I appeared younger, lighter…exuberant, even. Among the steam of the bathroom, holding $45 cream in my hands I realized, perhaps our secret to aging well isn’t in a bottle, but in our hearts.





How about you?

Image is courtesy of Marc Hughes’ disc camera, circa 1991, of our Grandfather Max Hughes on his 76th birthday. He lived 17 healthy, happy and graceful years following the photograph.

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Read 16 comments and reply

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