Arizona’s New Immigration Law Doesn’t Go Far Enough ~ via Holly Troy

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on Apr 25, 2010
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IMMIGRATION-PROTESTIs it just me or has Arizona Immigration Law SB 1070 not gone far enough?   If the Arizona police are only going to be stopping Hispanic people and asking for their papers, won’t everyone else feel left out?   Being a yoga teacher, this kind of thing concerns me.

So, what if we included everyone so that nobody feels excluded?  I’ve sketched out a simple system that should make everyone feel good.

First, we’ll have the government give all the “legals” green armbands that they must wear at all times. It will be for their safety and would end pesky inquiries for papers from law enforcement.  Police officers can get back to focusing on crime like robberies, rape, murder, and citizens can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their brown-skinned neighbors are paying their taxes.

Native Americans can get another color, since they sometimes, you know,  look like Mexicans.  Maybe turquoise blue, since that color is often associated with “Indians.”

i'm mexican pull me overMaybe we should go a step farther, and give all citizens with IQs under 110 an orange band.   They will not be allowed to carry guns (yes teabaggers, that includes you too).  We don’t really have to worry about this bothering anyone, since (if you ask a supporter of SB 1070) it’s mostly immigrants and black people who are stupid, right?

And all of us non-brown folks who have an IQ over 110 get a gold sparkly band, so we can do pretty much whatever we want.

Then, anyone who is overweight has to go to work repairing roads or sewers (for free) until they lose weight as payback to society for taking more resources than one person should.  We can use the tax money that would have gone toward infrastructure maintenance and put it back into securing our borders.  Hey, these armbands may be cheaper than fitting everyone with microchips but they’ll still cost something!

Anyone not wearing a band is subject to “treatment” – you know, the kind Rumsfeld seems to like.   And every now and then, specific band colors (such as green) get special jobs, like cleaning up toxic waste dumps – stuff like that.  We can just round them up and have them live in barracks…it’ll be nice for them.  They can work all day and feel really good about it.

I haven’t worked out the system completely yet, but I’ve heard about someone from the last century who really thought this one out . . .

I mean seriously, some people are advocating for a fascist state…so why not give it to them?


Holly Troy,  former lead singer for The Halfbreeds,  is a passionate yoga teacher, artist, writer and musician currently based in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Readers can follow her at:


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29 Responses to “Arizona’s New Immigration Law Doesn’t Go Far Enough ~ via Holly Troy”

  1. Great article Holly – love the 'tude! Hope to see more from you in the near future!

    By the way, can we get multi-colored bands too?

  2. I was just thinking rainbow

  3. I'd just love to hear the right wingers (or, at least, those who claim not to be racist) who think the census is a fascist/socialist plot defend detaining anyone for failing to produce citizenship papers…

  4. […] immigration status of those they suspect are in the country illegally, does not go far enough. From Is it just me or has Arizona Immigration Law SB 1070 not gone far enough? If the Arizona police […]

  5. Roger Wolsey says:

    Remember Tom Tancredo? The crazy anti-Mexican Republican congressman from Colorado who thinks immigration is a threat to all of Western civilization & ran an entire presidential campaign dedicated to that one issue? Well, apparently, he thinks the Arizona bill goes too far. If the man who thinks democracy is being destroyed by a "cult of multiculturalism" thinks a law goes too far, it might be time to reconsider!

  6. Roger Wolsey says:

    but oddly, although he said that, he also appears to be in support of that law. : P

  7. roger wolsey says:

    The National Council of Churches and many
    other religious organizations deplore the new Arizona immigration law as unjust, dangerous and a rejection of Biblical teachings.

  8. I don't remember him. Interesting . . .

  9. Don says:

    Illegal – describes something that is prohibited by or not authorized by law.
    Criminal – breaches the law

    Illegal Immigrants – are criminals by law. Regardless of their country of origin.

    When we travel abroad, we have to carry our passports at all times to show proof of who we are and how we entered their country.

    Here at home, we also have to carry identification.

    So what is the real issue? Getting caught?

  10. Don says:

    Come here Legally…

    Respect our laws, our country and our Flag.

    Bonus – Take the time to learn to speak English.

    Legal Immigrants are always welcome.

  11. And respect our Constitution, especially the 4th Amendment in this case!

  12. Greg says:

    Seems like emotion has clouded judgment.

    Arizona is attempting to address a very real problem. It is a problem that has been flubbed by the Feds. Seriously flubbed.

    So, while it is okay to vent (I do so often), the real issue is bona fide solutions to significant problems.

    How does a state take in over 400,000 illegal aliens and still provide for its citizens? How does the state protect its citizens from drug gangs and the distinction of having been named the kidnap capitol of the nation?

    When law and order break down, the society breaks down. If there is anything that distinguishes Mexico from the U.S., it has been the past century of corruption in the Mexican government. Corruption, which is what turns Mexicans into refugees, is the core problem.

    Might I suggest we turn the outrage away from those trying to solve the problem to those who avoid the problem. Let us begin protests against Carlos Slim Helu. He is not only the richest man in Mexico, he is now the richest man in the world!

    And what does Carlos do with his obscene wealth? Help his own people? No. He buys into the NY Times and pushes left wing propaganda that gets everyone upset about the plight of illegal aliens. So let us protest the NY Times. Let us ask the wealthiest man in the world to take care of his own countrymen. The state of Arizona should probably seize assets of Slim here in the U.S. to pay for the public services he is avoiding paying for in his own country.

    Be cautious, very cautious when it comes to those whose only purpose is to foment your rage on behalf of their unethical existence. Protest Carlos Slim Helu. To not do so would be to hypocrisy.

  13. Greg, you really seem to have a fixation with Helu…why?

    And oh, illegal immigration into Arizona has dropped drastically over the past two years due to the flagging economy and a stepped up federal (yes, federal) effort in Arizona to address the issue. This new law is about politics, not law enforcement.

  14. Just to be clear. I live in AZ. I did not read the NY Times response to this situation.

    The NY Times has always been liberal. It's definitely known as an "intellectual" news source – perhaps more balanced than some. I don't think that's changed since Helu took ownership.

    Maybe we should ask the wealthiest people in America to help their own countrymen. But wait, that would be kind of left-wing, even socialist, wouldn't it.

    Hmm, you accuse a guy of pushing left-wing politics in the US – and, at the same say he's horrible for not spreading his wealth around to his own people. (But wait, again, it's OK in the US if businessmen are Capitalists, but not businessmen from Mexico?) If he really IS spreading left-wing propaganda, maybe he is helping his own people.

    . . . and the circle goes round and round

  15. Greg says:

    Helping others is not socialist. It is called charity. And brotherhood.

    Socialism is the enforced distribution of wealth by an elite government. Socialism depends on fascist big government to carry out it redistribution.

    Capitalism does not preclude helping others. There has been no country in the history of the planet that has donated more and helped others than the U.S.

    These concepts are important. The decisions we make now will affect the lives our children lead.

  16. i accidentally deleted my last response . . .

  17. Greg says:

    Slim is only a symptom of the problem on which I am fixated. That problem is inequity and corruption in Mexico. This is the situation that drives the plight of illegals.

    To you the new law is about politics, that is the lens through which you are viewing it. I see it quite differently. I see the new law being an effort on the part of a state to fill the gap the federal government has created by not enforcing the law. Yes, there has been a step up in federal action but it has been late in coming. And it has not brought about the level of safety the citizens deserve.

    As you probably know, the rancher who was killed recently was simply the latest in precipitating events that brought about a need for the state to push the federal government to step up its enforcement and, hopefully, to write real legislation that brings about a guest worker program that helps everyone.

    I think you and I are on the same page when it comes to helping people. We view through different perspectives on the solution.

  18. This new law is about politics because I was involved with a successful federal effort to address these issues and have watched politicians lie about the feds' stepped up role (and its results) in an attempt to win votes, draw attention away from both the state's imploding economy and state budget.

    And once again with feeling…the federal government has been enforcing the law with good results. I know because I was part of that effort. illegal immigration into Arizona has dropped drastically over the past 2-3 years due to the flagging economy and a stepped up federal (yes, federal) effort in Arizona to address the issue. Read any Congressional testimony from the House or Senate Homeland Security Committees over the past year (or call the Yuma and Tucson sectors of the Border Patrol and ask for yourself). I was laughing out loud a few weeks ago when McCain recently tried to jump on the bandwagon and act like it was his idea (when it was Bersin and Napolitano's).

  19. It appears your perspective ignores this fact and then buys into the smokescreen of talking points (feds not enforcing the law, etc) AZ politicians are using to justify this new law. Late coming? Tell me exactly when you think it started? Hint: Its been well over 2 years and drastically increased since last summer. And tell me how it hasn't brought about the level of safety the citizens deserve? What are the Phoenix and Tucson crime stats from its inception to now? And why is the Mayor of Phoenix against this new law?

    The rancher's death was unfortunate but when seen against the backdrop of the huge decrease in illegal traffic into Arizona, not indicative of the current situation. Nonetheless, those same politicians in AZ are choosing the hold it up to scare people into going along with this charade – which I can see right through.

  20. holly troy says:

    very clearly, once you start dividing people – whether by profiling them because they look or speak a certain way, or whether you give them arm bands or stars or triangles or big letter As to pin on their chests – you divide everyone. and once you start pointing fingers at one group, you find another group to point at and on and on.

    there may be lines on a map, but we all breathe the same air.

  21. vimalablue says:

    Dooders, I'm with Holly here. This law seems to have been generated as a politicised law and order slash racial profiling issue, always a winner with the punters … and misses what is Real. Sharing resources, heart and generosity in creative sustainable ways with others seeking security and peace in their lives. Us vs Them does not see the whole elephant.

  22. We don't all have to be on opposite sides of this issue – surely we can find a way to reconcile compassion and human rights with the enforcement of our laws!

  23. Daniel says:

    Emotional as all this is, I think it misses the point. Why are these people coming here? Because there is work. And what kind of work is it? Are these doctors, scientist, engineers and lawyers sneaking across the border? The typical immigrant has received little education and is coming here to perform menial tasks, like picking strawberries or tomatoes. I expect that a majority of border crossers are migrant farm workers. How many citizens want to go pick fruit? I don't, my office is way more comfortable.

    Consider what might happen if we succeeded in keeping out all of the illegal immigrants. What does a pint of organic strawberries go for now? How about if we unionize, add benefits and time off? Is $10 a pint acceptable.

    I agree there is a problem but I don't like the profiling approach. And it isn't like crimes are not committed by other sectors of the society. If we cleansed ourselves of all immigrants we will not have attained nirvana. Criminals come in all colors.

    On a bit of a tangent, just how long do you think the US can go on consuming 25% of the worlds wealth before the world decides not to play along…

  24. Guadalupe Harjochee says:

    Sounds like a great turnout and good times. I have shifted an engine install from next Tuesday evening to this Saturday so that I will have a clear schedule to make it down there.

  25. Nevertheless, it would be unwise to write this without mentioning that the majority of people in this country are sensible enough to understand that migration is a part of life. In fact most do a lot to help immigrants and Asylum seekers. They set up and work/volunteer in charities, stand up for immigrants, contribute to help Asylum seekers and many other immeasurable contributions. But some part of the media and politicians see sensationalizing and politicizing the issue as a rapid access to votes and readership.

  26. Pablo says:

    Holly, the illegals would just get a fake green armband and go about business as usual. Meanwhile the law-abiding immigrants would be waiting in line and paying substantial fees to get an authentic green armband. It seems like liberalism tends to favor the lawless over the lawful, and the non-citizen over the citizen.

  27. Pablo says:

    Holly, can a random person walk in your yoga studio and be in the class without paying? If they say they have paid, how do you confirm they have paid? Does it involve some form of papers? How dare you put up walls and keep air-breathing people of the world out!