April 22, 2010

Can “Eco-ahimsa” save Mother Earth?

Gandhi said, “Nonviolence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man.”

Can you remember a time when there was no visible air
pollution (aka “smog”), the water from sinks was delicious,
cool, refreshing and clean, and you could look up into
the sunset without an obstructed view of a mass
powerline structure blocking half of the view?

Check out this video I created to inspire Global Unity and Peace.

That did exist once, and is slowly becoming a distant
memory or fairy tale now…

I was at a “community talk” recently at a local Yoga center,
and the topic of discussion was called “Eco-ahimsa”.
This concept is similar, but can be distinguished from environmentalism
in the following way:

Environmentalism broadly reflects a concern for preserving
or restoring the natural environment. “Eco-Ahimsa” focuses
more specifically on the spiritual motivation for wanting to
reduce our personal environmental impacts. It is about
translating the idea of non-violence to all living beings,
including their habitats, into daily action.

Simply put, if we all do our part, we can make a difference
on a large scale. I learned there are many things we can each
do. Some are easy and can be done quickly. Others take some
time, money and intrinsic motivation, but all are possible.

Here is a list of 7 things you can do personally to
reduce the overall impact you have upon our environment,
including global warming, our rapidly becoming scarce clean
drinking water, and even make your ELECTRIC BILL cost GO DOWN:-)

1. Only use your AC when necessary, and don’t keep it at a
subarctic temperature. For every degree lower, you use
considerably more energy, thus contributing to the raising cost
of energy, air, land, and water pollution,
and other resulting effects such as depletion of rain forests,
building of more and more power lines, etc.

*When you’re not home, turn it off or up in temperature.
*When you are home, use fans instead and open windows,
(this is tolerable and even pleasant almost 9 months out of the year:-)
***Important note: fix your screens if you live in Florida:-)
You will be much happier if you’re not swatting at mosquitos.

2. Unplug large appliances like computers, radios, tvs, etc when
not in use or when you’re not home. They still use a large
percentage of power even if they’re turned “OFF” but still plugged in.

3. Compost your extra veggie and fruit table scraps.
It was surprising to me to find out that when we put
foods down the disposal it all goes back into
the drinking water “gray water” system, which
gets recirculated into your sinks, showers, etc.
The more we separate out our organic matter (food scraps)
the less work is required on the part of the water
treatment plant. Leading to cleaner water!
The compost you create can be used for fertilizer
for your garden or grass.With the info available on the
web, it is very easy to find out how to do this where you live.

4. Get solar panels installed at your home. This is most
easily done if you have a house or can talk to your HOA.
The good thing is there are tax credits you get for doing this.
It does cost money up front, but since Florida is the
“sunshine state” you may end up saving a bundle on
your FPL bill this way too:-)

5. Vegetarian diet: helps save water, land, and energy. There is
much that can be said about this, but if you are interested
in learning a great deal of the impact this style of living has
on every aspect of life, go get the book, “The Food Revolution”
by John Robbins. It may just change your perspective
on eating entirely.

6. Be conscious about where you shop. Shop at stores
that support conservation and encourage environmentalism.
From an “ahimsa” stand point, this also means don’t buy
running shoes from multinational companies who pay 2 cents
a day to children working 20 hours without a break.
This should be common sense, but unfortunately, it isn’t always
even considered when we make our purchases.

7. Buy local. This is one of the simplest, yet most over looked
way we can help. If we buy our food and other items from local
farmers, producers, and artists, we are contributing to much
less environmental pollution. This only makes sense. It doesn’t have
to go in an airplane, or a truck, car, train, or boat to travel across the
world to get to us.. thus we do our part, and still get what we need
and want:-) win-win-win (us, the locals, and Mother Earth:)

In conclusion, its not a matter whether you do everything on this list
starting today. Although, if you did that would be wonderful.

But realistically, you have to start somewhere.

Pick one or 2 things that really resonate with you.
Things that make sense and are easy to implement into
your current lifestyle.

Who knows, maybe after you get started, you will
lift a tremendous burden of guilt from your heart
and will be inspired to continue doing more and more?

I love life.
I love Mother Earth.
If you do as well, please do your part.

Thank you,
Blessings to you for any and all efforts
you make toward making this a healthy planet again.

Love and Light,
Blessings and Bliss,

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Read 3 comments and reply

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