April 11, 2010

Are Cancer Researchers Looking in the Wrong Direction? ~ Dr. Vic Shayne

Study finds little connection between fruit and vegetable consumption and cancer risk…

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute just came out with the results of a study showing that there is little effect that a fruit and vegetable diet has on cancer risk. My contention is that they are looking in the wrong direction. You may say this is on purpose, if you’re inclined to be an uber-skeptic. Maybe it’s ignorance. Whatever the reason, researchers are barking up the wrong tree and I’m pretty sure they know it.

In my humble opinion, cancer rates continue to soar because of the quality and constituents of foods, chemical overload (including from food), stress and a variety of psychological factors.

Here’s what researchers have concluded: “A very small inverse association between intake of total fruits and vegetables and cancer risk was observed in this study. Given the small magnitude of the observed associations, caution should be applied in their interpretation” (Journal of the National Cancer Institute Advance Access published online on April 6, 2010).

The findings are probably making junk food eaters jump with Almond Joy. They may even be polishing off their old Bible of Defamatory Monikers and calling nutrition proponents names like granola heads and tree huggers.

But wait a minute. Let’s take a step into reality and break this down logically. Scientists know very well that man-made chemicals are causing cancer. These chemicals are found in all processed foods, air pollution, in the drinking water, in pesticides and personal care products and in drugs. Chemicals cause cancer. If your foods, even fruits and vegetables, are grown in toxic chemicals, sprayed with pesticides and fertilizers, then they can cause cancer. It doesn’t matter that they are fruits and vegetables. What matters is that they are a source of carcinogens.

Just to break this down even further, consider this: If you take a bowl of cherries, grapes, apples, zucchini and broccoli and douse them with Raid, Black Flagg or even the stronger stuff used by conventional farmers, would this make them as safe to eat as if you didn’t spray them?

It’s really not difficult to surf the web and find all kinds of connections between chemicals and cancer cases. It’s one way to while away the hours on a snowy afternoon.

Let’s face it, the chemical business is one of the most profitable industries in history. The industry loves to tell us about how it saves lives with vaccines and drugs, makes life more convenient with plastics and food preservatives, and can even duplicate vitamins and make something that looks very similar to cheese, yet it takes no blame or responsibility for the cancer it causes. Instead, researchers look elsewhere for the cause, making me think they are either brilliant and stupid at the same time, evil, in denial paid off, sociopathic or something else beyond my comprehension.

For the last 20 years, Dr. Vic Shayne has been involved in nutritional research, both personally and professionally. He’s written several books on the importance of foods and how their nutrients differ from isolates found in vitamin pills. Health is not something we can take for granted.

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