April 11, 2010

Child Bride Raped and Killed

I’m not usually someone who is short for words.  Right now, I can only cry.

A 13 year old girl from Yemen just died after being married and being tied up while her husband consummated the marriage.  She bled to death afterward.

The following words come from a friend who is currently living in the Middle East.

How absolutely terrible! Think of all the people who contributed to this child’s terrible death. Her violent “husband” of course and whoever raised him to think that raping a women is how to “prove his manhood” rather than teach him to love and respect a wife and be a good husband. The brother who conspired with this defective person to plan a girl/bride exchange (human trafficking). The doctor who did not protect this child from a man trying to drug her to rape her. The mother who did not get her daughter out of that terrible situation due to fear of “shame to the family.” Those who repealed a minimum age for marriage law. The culture/families who promote young brides who are not adult enough to make their own decisions for that very reason. May God use this terrible result to transform the minds of people to never let such a tragedy happen again. May God have Mercy on the world.  – Karen

ArabNews.com won’t publish her comment.  She wonders if what she said is inappropriate.  What she stated is not what was inappropriate.

I don’t share this story to point out the faults of another culture.  Lord knows our own culture in the U.S. has it’s problems.  Rather, it is offered for us to take a moment to thank God for this young one’s life, to ask for God’s loving care for the grieving family, and as a prayer for something good to come from this.  A moment of silence is in order.

Original Story: Arab News

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Read 5 comments and reply

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