April 26, 2010

Jacques Cousteau’s Granddaughter, Alexandra.

Blue Legacy

Alexandra Cousteau, along with ta frere Philippe Cousteau, are among a younger generation leading the fight to protect those vast, beautiful oceans that cover most of our vast, yet fragile home, Planet Earth. She’s featured on The Daily Beast, right now, and one quote caught at my heart and mind’s eye:

”I see a lot of things that really upset me and are really discouraging,” she says. “I see coral reefs that I used to dive on as a child and are now dead. I see forests that I used to walk in as a child that are now gone. I see tidal pools that I used to play in as a child that are gone. I learned to dive 27 years ago, but I’ve really been noticing these things over the past 10 or 15 years—how much is really disappearing, even in that short period of time.”

She continues: “Increasingly, environmental issues are partisan and political, where it should really be about the quality of life…” …to read the rest, click her image, below:

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Read 2 comments and reply

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