April 11, 2010

Does your favorite café sell organic apples?

A Grassroots Campaign to get (hopefully organic) Apples in eco-responsible Cafés.

How does it work? Simple. Ask your fave local café to sell apples, which are good for up to a month. Leave a comment below. Post this blog to your Facebook Wall. Let’s make some noise? And if you’re a café that sells apples, say so in comments below with url or location, and we’ll add you to our list of real-food-carrying-cafés right here:

Boulder, Colorado: Espressoria, Laughing Goat, Atlas Purveyors

Baked goods only stay good if wrapped in plastic, which ain’t good for you or our landfills. And even then, they only stay good for a few days. But apples? They’re good for a month—and they’re good for you and I.

As a café-lover (as long as said café has good wifi), I wind up drinking up more caffeine and eating up more processed white flour + sugar than is good for me.

But one of my favorite cafés, Laughing Goat, and another, Espressoria, are “mindful” exceptions: they sell apples and bananas.

Let’s bring some Michael Pollan ethos (you know, eat real food, food that’s defined as being less-processed-the-better, with as few ingredients as possible) to our café-culture, hey? Ask your favorite local café to sell apples. I’ve already asked Pekoe, where I’m writing this from.

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Read 5 comments and reply

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