April 28, 2010

Embracing the path of self-publication. ~ Ruben Zukowski

Witnessing my first publication come to life, I feel grateful. Trusting this new process, reaching people around the world, paying close attention to my intentions. After holding my book—it’s real!—and seeing the effect it can have on some people, I’m glad I did what it takes to get my ideas out there.

Self-publishing our own works these days is easier than ever: executing a few important steps, we have our words on paper, bound, in hand or digitally accessible, ready to share with friends, family and the world. We find through the Internet a great amount of print on demand companies, who specialize in publishing, online distribution, printing, binding and shipping to our front door within a moments notice, without burning a hole in our pocket. With hundreds of online companies competing for business in the printing industry, doing our homework is key, paying close attention to our intentions, what types of printing are available and who we can trust to get the job completed, while also providing reliable communication and guidance if need be.

Copyrighting our material is key, where entering our personal info and uploading our works, with a small fee, may actually come in handy one day, feeling grounded the world knows this is our material, on the most basic level. As our process continues, getting closer to completion, it is important to register our works with an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) which more or less stamps an official presence on who has publishing rights –  providing direct access to share our material around the world, allowing retailers and distributors recognition as to the soul behind such bound manifestation.

Once we’ve completed our written, edited and formatted material, our online registrations and have found our printer and/or online distributor, it’s now time to bring forth the birthing process with a click of a button.

The above info is just a glimpse into the entire process and journey through the publication industry, however keep in mind that with just a few steps, we can birth our original works into this world of vast happenings, sharing our thoughts, ideas and visions.

Below is a excerpt and review from my current book release, “Today… Reflections on Life, Love and Consciousness” soon to hit the shelves and currently available at Tonic Herban Lounge, Boulder Book Store and Feather Thy Nest. Email me for more info: ruben.zukowski at gmail.com


Excerpt, chapter, page number:

– life –

While roaming the vast nectar filled ponderosas and valley-scaped adobe premiers, a number of native tongues await my arrival… space to be shared, honored and developed once presence aligns naturally amongst the many red dirt visitors and those who find draw to such being… with a side of pow wow for our soul collective… turquoise crafts and totem bear belonging… i cannot help but feel my heart beating quickly, while temple begins to heat with anticipation of our soon to be infusion of red, white and yella colored seasonal cosmic soup, smothered with tango Chile.. cool noon skies and white dustings from 2 day prior.. from the dunes to fine ponds across the states, we warm one another while piling amongst our own human kind, paying homage to the refined crafts and presence these pueblo patriots hold, while I walk quietly throughout the bipeds.

Warmth of smiles.. resonation, developing cozy acknowledgments and recognition of what simple ways of life we share… with a side of winks and chuckle daniels that brighten our day and soon to be night time retreat, while reflections deepen our flat footed kingdom.. only we know.

As i stand 5 stories standing… sun beams slowly waning while purple kingdom heavenly pronounces an invitation to slow down and enjoy the slumber tales dat teach us a swaying pendulum like quality within our innate sense of belonging.



Review by Ciardha’ath Vomalites, Developer of the Applied System of Breath Mechanics and Serumynjitsu 3 Sphere Internal Cultivation System :

“A masterpiece of insight, wisdom and humor that has blossomed underneath and in spite of the rampant spiritual egotism currently running wild in the world today. Amidst new-age charlatans, pseudo-spiritual snake oil salesmen, and those awakening to their higher nature but still utterly lost in egoistic drama and strategic self-image, Ruben’s book is a truly remarkable gem of authenticity and spiritual comedic genius. The depth of consciousness and humor in these daily reflections is so far beyond most people’s comprehension that they can read through this book for years and continue to find new dimensions to Zuk’s mystical Zen poetry that never before made sense to them. It’s f’ing fantastic! “

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