April 20, 2010

Frothy Cream and Homogeneous Rainforests – Palm Oil

Palm Oil came to the fore in a Globe 2010 session moderated by David Ian Gray, where Jeffrey Hollender, Co-Founder, Seventh Generation, and David Cheesewright, President & CEO Walmart Canada Corporation went toe to toe on the issue. Instigated by David, Hollender asks Cheesewright “isn’t Wallmart in a position to mandate compliance, requiring the use of sustainably harvested Palm Oil by retail suppliers.” The momentary flashpoint marked the only deeply confrontational challenge in the hour long dialogue. I wished Globe 2010 had spent an entire session focusing on Palm Oil.

If you accept that the Forests are the lungs of the Earth and atmospheric carbon is one of the most important catalysts of climate change there must be greater importance placed on preservation. The corporations that rule the world of palm oil consumer products need to take a close look to the consumer backlash pending. When alternatives to the ruthless destruction of human and animal habitat are available, what defense of do first producers and retailers have for eyes wide open destruction and deforestation?

For those unaware palm oil is a ubiquitous ingredient in food and personal care products. The production of palm oil is the greatest threat to rainforests today. Resembling monoculture rubber plantations from Ford’s ill-advised experiments in the early 1900s, the modern palm oil plantation is sown in the raised remnants of rainforests.

The industrial method of creating these plantations is as inhumane as any slight you can think of to the urban domestic animal. It is as mindless as the pit-mining operations pictured in Avatar. It is among the vainest destructive efforts of man. No amount of frothy soap lather, homogeneous food products, or scented cream could be worth such sacrifice at such an enlightened time in human history as this. Learn more and prepare to be sad, follow this link to http://www.greenthefilm.com/ . Special thanks to my friend Candice Batista for bring this important human issue to my attention.

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