April 7, 2010

Geoge Carlin: who cares about Endangered Species, or Saving the Planet. Hahahahah.

From the Department of “The planet gonna be fine. It’s us who are f*kd.”

The school of thought that holds that we little itty bitty human beings can’t possibly effect the earth (you know, Climate Change is a hoax) is the same as the school of thought, as embodied by George Carlin below.

It’s convenient nihilism; an excuse to sit on the couch and keep obsessing about ourselves.

Update: this post inspired an article: Waylon Lewis is a Prick, by our colleague Rod Meade Sperry. Read and comment!

Heard of human-caused climate change? You think all those offices, homes, cars, planes, trucks and…dairy cows have no effect? GMOs don’t effect nature? Globalization and suburbia aren’t wiping out animals across the planet?

Get your head around this one: Mother Nature is both vast and resilient and…vulnerable? She has a limit.

George Carlin’s snide rant below calls the lie on his hipster hippie funnyman persona. Take out the laughter and the ponytail and he sounds just like…wait for it…Rush Limbaugh.

See, it’s easy to feel self-important when you stand on the sidelines. But as Christians and nature-lovers alike love to talk about, it’s impossible not to feel genuine awe and humbleness when confronted with the magic that is life.

“Save the Planet? Are you Effing Kidding Me!? I’m getting tired of that shiite. I’m tired of these self-righteous environmentalists.”

What. A. Prick.

Right, who cares about Katrina? It probably woulda happened anyway? Who cares that tigers and elephants (etc) are on the verge of extinction? Who cares about clean air or water, or the shortened lifespans of this generation and the next? Who cares about this experiment called Human Civilization, and our ability to be mindful—joyfully, not priggishly so—about living in harmony with all God’s creation?

Well, Carlin got one thing right: it is selfish to want to protect nature. Just ask Yvon Chouinard, he oughta know. He didn’t just stand around making money cracking jokes at the expense of the world and everything on it. He did something.

“To do good, you actually have to do something.” ~Yvon Chouinard

Sound familiar?

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